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Stop Monkeying Around with Surveys

When you need honest conversations on how to overcome roadblocks, who to recognize, whether a message landed, how to build morale, how to nail a rollout, and more, POPin's anonymous crowdsourcing software quickly makes sense of hundreds of voices.

Big or Small Problems Collaboratively Solved in Minutes

You Ask

Estimated Time: 1-2 Minutes for the leader

Ask a question to any size group of employees, clients, or partners.

They Solve

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes for each participant

The group will anonymously brainstorm answers to your question together while publicly voting like or dislike on each

We Improve

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes for the leader

The voting creates a report of the best answers on how to improve created in a collaborative manner causing buy-in and
adoption for the improvement.

Leverage The Team

With POPin you get anonymous answers from the team in their words. In a normal survey, this could be hundreds of pages of answers. POPin leverages voting lifting the best answers allowing leaders to consume them in seconds.

Leaders want more than a survey score. They want to understand how to improve it. POPin quickly facilitates an honest conversation with any size team to deliver data driven guidance on how to improve.