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3 Managerial Mistakes That Could Cost Your Team Dearly

It’s no secret that poor management has a direct effect on productivity. Weak management causes confusion, creates a high-stress environment in the office and ultimately leads to a high level of turnover of employees. Even great managers make mistakes from time to time. While a mistake or two won’t necessarily spell disaster, if they continue, or if the mistakes are serious enough, they could cost your team dearly. To avoid causing a catastrophe on your team, keep reading to learn about three managerial mistakes to avoid!
  1. Being Vague in Your Expectations
Your team can’t perform to your highest expectations if they don’t know what those expectations are. Being vague about what exactly you are expecting your team to accomplish, what kind of timeline you have in mind, or who is responsible for what part of each job is a major mistake. It leads to confusion, anger, and often less respect from your employees or team. To avoid this, always try to establish clear, straightforward goals. You may even want to narrow the scope of your expectations into several smaller goals, rather than one overwhelming one. If you have a large end-game in mind, such as landing a major sale or creating a new product, start by breaking that major idea down into steps. Give each member of your team a clear job that they need to fulfill at each step of the process. This not only helps to foster teamwork but also creates accountability within your team.
  1. Poor Communication
Poor communication may be the most common managerial mistake made in businesses in any industry. It’s also one of the most easily avoided. Effective communication involves frequent communication between management and team members, but it doesn’t stop there. Not only should you be communicating frequently with your team about your expectations, goals, and ideas, you should also be encouraging them to communicate with you and with each other. Your team needs to feel as though they can comfortably come to you with any issues they have. That way you can fix minor issues before they become major ones. Offering a way for your employees to give you anonymous feedback is a great way to achieve this. Encouraging communication within in your team will also help to increase productivity.
  1. Not Watching for Signs of Problems
Not every issue that occurs within your team is the result of a managerial mistake. But if you ignore the signs that there may be a minor issue, you’re likely to end up with a major one. Paying attention to your team and any trends that may arise, such as high employee turnover or poor communication among team members, will help you to stop a problem as soon as you realize there is one. Putting a Halt to Managerial Mistakes Sometimes it isn’t that easy to recognize when a managerial mistake or an issue within your team has occurred. That’s where the POPin Platform comes in. Our reports give you access to real time records of your business and your employees, allowing you to see where potential problems lie so that you can fix them right away. If you’re ready to start avoiding these mistakes and more, start your free trial of POPin today!