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3 Ways to Make Your Company Perform 202% Better

Most leaders we come in contact with have a natural passion for attracting and retaining employees. They want the best people doing mission critical work in heir organization- so it makes sense. But sometimes, leaders get a little clingy when they have personnel needs that aren’t being met. Some call it the fear of attrition, as Patrick Lencioni outlines. But whatever the label, when there are urgent needs in their company, hiring managers can sometimes compromise on their hiring strategies and standards in order to fill gaps in their workforce. We also see leaders letting things slide with existing employees in order to keep operations running, despite poor performance. Ironically, that creates the very problem they are running away from since the organization ends up discouraging dependable employees. It’s obvious there is an engagement problem that is rampant in organizations. According to a business article, 71% of employees are not fully engaged. That does not bode well for businesses- especially when compared with the statistic that a company with engaged employees outperforms others by 202%.  
Here are 3 ways your company can perform 202% better than your competitors:
  1. Make Employee Engagement a Priority Statistics from Gallup indicates that 70% of change initiatives flop. The major reason for this is attributed to the managers formulating change strategies in the boardrooms and pushing it down the throats of employees. You’ll be able to lead successful projects by embracing employee engagement and seeking their opinions in anonymity and at the right time. No one knows how to solve your problems (and every organization has them) better than the people in the trenches. Leverage these individuals and give them a voice to hep them feel important and to help your initiatives succeed. 2. Skip Level Management The Management understands the technicalities of the organization and what needs to be changed, but the employees know how it can be done. Break the barrier between senior managers and employees to discover the concerns with your strategies. They might be miscommunications that just need to be explained, or they might actually be large gaps that you are unaware of. Whatever the problem may be, taking out hierarchy benefits everyone. It keeps the leader’s initiatives from failing, and it allows the experience of the employees to be leveraged in effective and meaningful ways. 3. Embrace Organizational Health Re-introduce your organizational values and encourage employees to implement them on a daily basis. Working to create a company where employees feel valued helps forge an environment and a culture of humility, hard work and a desire to excel. By involving your employees and taking into consideration their ideas and needs, you’re setting your organization up for high performance and success. And when you’re performing 202% better than the next company, that makes a big difference for everyone.