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3 Ways To Shake Up A Monday

It’s Monday, the start of another busy work week and the start of another 10am meeting. Admit it. Your team doesn’t look prepared. Not. At. All. They are this close to fighting for one of the chairs in the back of the conference room so that they can quietly blend in. In fact, it’s clear that they want nothing to do with anything resembling ‘brainstorming,’‘sharing’ or ‘whiteboarding.’   But, as the CEO/company leader you’ll point to someone and ask their thoughts about <fill in the blank.> You’ll notice a moment of panic. They might mumble something, or offer up another question and cross their fingers that the ball will somehow get rolling without their involvement. They are wholly unprepared. And let’s not forget the 40+ people on the phone, on mute, silently pounded away on their keyboard trying to catch up on weekend emails. Maybe it’s because it’s Monday, but maybe it’s because they’ve grown accustomed to meetings just for the sake of meeting. Maybe they’ve figured out that this “planning” session is really just a box waited to be checked. Maybe they’ve learned that anything resembling “output” just won’t get done.  So guess what? Maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit.
  1. Be Honest.

Yes, be honest. Not just with your team, but with yourself. Admittedly, getting feedback in any efficient manner is not that easy, especially if the approach is in a typical conference room set-up. So, if you’re really serious about making positive changes, then recognize what hasn’t worked and move on to something else.

  1. Reach Out to Everyone…Seriously.

Yes, it sounds daunting and unwieldy, especially in your previous “Everyone, get on a conference call, maybe we’ll use WebEx, too” kind of meeting. Surveys are ok, but the problem with those is that they don’t generate oodles of inspiration or creativity. They are also really boring. Limiting your conversations to a handful of people misses the mark entirely – because the intent is to gain insight from EVERYONE, not just a select few. How on earth do you have a conversation with 1000 people and make it seem like it’s a cozy one-on-one? Glad you asked!

  1. Make it Fun.

Yes, we think work should be fun. And we don’t think we’re the only ones either. Then who says meetings and working sessions can’t be fun either. Think “gamification.” We know it’s a bit of a buzzword these days, but countless studies have shown that socializing, playing and competing are all human nature. Competition motivates people to do their best so they can win, and it drives social interaction too. This is why gamification is so successful. And fun. Don’t forget the fun.