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4 Job Skills You May Not Ask for (But Certainly Should)

Whether you’re growing your workforce or replacing staff who have moved on to other things, it makes sense to choose new employees who will last. According to a 2016 report, hiring a new employee costs, on average, over $4,100. The process of writing job descriptions, interviewing candidates, and choosing your new hire takes around 42 days to complete. If you want an employee who’s in it for the long-haul, you need to pay special attention to a few key skills. Here are our top 4 job skills you absolutely need to see in your newest employee. 4 Job Skills You Need to Ask For
  1. Critical Thinking
We live in increasingly busy and distracted times. Your staff needs to be able to slice through extraneous details and understand the problem at hand—fast. An employee with good critical thinking job skills understands the goals of each project and can tell which tasks will help it succeed. They can quickly sift through information and distill it down to its most important points. When you’re interviewing, look for someone with experience streamlining bulky processes at their previous jobs.
  1. Consensus-Building
In this age of open offices, collaboration is a major MO for a lot of companies. You need a workforce made up of employees who are willing to reach out to their coworkers, compromise, and reach a consensus. That’s not to say your employees will always agree with each other. It’s natural for each member of your staff to have their own unique point of view. The problem comes in when one employee gets so dug-in, they refuse to listen to the wisdom and suggestions of their peers. That kind of stubbornness can stall a project in no time. Ask your potential candidates for past examples when they’ve had to swallow a bit of their pride and go with a coworker’s suggestion instead of their own.
  1. An Engaged Attitude
A bored, disaffected worker doesn’t just hurt their own productivity. They can bring down the mood of everyone in their department in no time. That’s why you need employees who are excited to be there from the get-go. While it is, ultimately, up to you to keep your employees engaged with their work, you can’t really help someone who’s starting out with total apathy. Look for candidates who show genuine excitement about the prospect of working for you.
  1. Resilience
Resilience can be defined as the ability to bounce back after a stumble, adapt in real time, and persist, even when things are hard. The concept is quickly gaining steam as a key indicator of future success. A resilient employee can be a godsend in times of trouble. They’re not afraid to jump in and correct course when things go awry. Look for prospects who speak candidly about their past failures and what they learned from their mistakes. Engage Your Employees with POPin At POPin, we provide the tech solutions you need to stay in-step with your staff. Our mobile and web solution gives you a way to crowdsource answers from your workforce, conduct surveys, align in real time and more. Get started today.