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4 Situations Where Firing an Employee Is the Right Call

One of the hardest tasks that a manager is responsible for is letting people go. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but firing employees who no longer serve the company is important for future growth and success. Being the one responsible for delivering this bad news puts you in a difficult situation, but it helps to recognize that you’re doing what’s best for the company in the long run. Read on to learn more about four situations when firing an employee is the right call to make.

They Aren’t Improving, Despite Feedback

Every job has a learning curve, and even the most seasoned employees can make mistakes years in. You shouldn’t fire an employee for not being perfect all the time, but you should pay attention to how they respond to feedback. As a manager, you want to give your employees clear direction on what you expect and give them an opportunity to improve. It’s part of leading office, and part of building trust between you and your employees. If, however, no change is made, it may be time to let them go. An employee who ignores the feedback you’re offering and doesn’t take advantage of an opportunity to improve will never have any regard for your opinion and leadership.  

Firing Them Will Boost Morale

No office should be a popularity contest, but you can tell a lot about the value of an employee by how others respond to him or her. If an employee doesn’t pull weight in group projects or takes credit for someone else’s work, you’ll notice the impact it has on others. Office morale is key for success and productivity. You can’t fire someone for being disliked. But you should consider letting them go if they aren’t performing the functions of their job and it’s forcing other employees to pick up the slack.  

They’ve Engaged in Illegal or Immoral Activities 

One of the clearest signs that someone needs to be fired is if they engage in activities that violate their contract or the company’s code of conduct. While there may be some gray area in what that means from company to company, this is a good time to trust your instincts. If you’ve received information that an employee has engaged in illegal or immoral activity, firing them is the right call. It could save your business in many ways, and protect your other, trustworthy employees.  

They Aren’t Performing As Expected

Whether qualitative or quantitative, every company has some performance expectations for their employees. It’s easier to tell when employees aren’t living up to quantitative expectations, but a good manager should know when an employee is falling behind even when the expectations aren’t so easily defined. Firing an employee who isn’t performing at the level they should communicates to your staff that you take those expectations seriously. And, it frees you up to hire a better replacement. Evaluate the Situation In the short-term, having to fire someone may seem like it has a negative impact on the office and employee attitudes. Over time, though, firing employees who aren’t productive or aren’t a good fit for the office will help you retain top talent and establish an office culture people are proud to be a part of. To learn more about how you can create an effective, happy office environment, try us out!