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4 Tips for Building Trust in the Workplace

“To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.” This African proverb is a favorite among many thought leaders and business owners, because it speaks to the value of teamwork. But, a team isn’t much without trust. If you want your startup to succeed long-term, or for your established company to make a big expansion, you need trust from the top down. Actually, you need it for anything you do. Here are four simple ways you can start building trust in the workplace today.

1. Seek Feedback

You can’t focus on creating a stronger sense of trust if you don’t know where your employees currently stand. Create an open conversation around this topic. Invite staff members from any position to speak their mind. Tell them they can do so directly, but offer an anonymous avenue to do so as well. This could be in the form of a survey or suggestion box. Another way to encourage feedback is to offer incentives. Create a contest or raffle to generate more engagement, no matter the response method you choose.

2. Be Consistent

One of the key signs of trust is consistency, which goes hand in hand with dependability. When an employee knows they can count on their team, they are more likely to feel a sense of trust. This goes for how they feel about their intern, project partners, and reporting manager. As such, stress the importance of following through on commitments and proper communication. This is about more than building trust in the workplace. It’s about establishing a sense of security and a standard for success.

3. Lead by Example

The best way to make sure such standards hit home is to lead by example. You can’t ask a manager to be consistent if you aren’t doing so yourself, and you definitely can’t ask that of their team. Leading by example is about all aspects of trust, though. It’s about being transparent and genuine as well as honest and supportive. It’s also about establishing a sense of accountability.

4. Encourage Accountability

Accountability is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace. It’s how you know all employees are doing their best, without having to be looking over their shoulder. Accountability says you trust your team to trust each other. This is a big claim, offering autonomy and responsibility all in one. But, it’s incredibly effective. When you give your team the chance to lead themselves a bit, amazing things can happen. Beyond building trust in the workplace, a team that holds each other accountable is often more efficient, productive, and innovative. It can change the way they approach work entirely.

The Ultimate Tool for Building Trust in the Workplace

Whatever change you’re looking to make, you need to be able to track it. When it comes to building trust in the workplace, real-time responses are the way to go. This doesn’t mean putting people on the spot, or a time limit on your open-door policy. It means giving them a way to tell you exactly how they feel – even in the middle of a meeting. Not sure how this happens? Check out how you can use POPin to get instant employee feedback.