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4 Ways to Ensure Employee Satisfaction

Sustainable and effective organizational change begins with intent, especially when trying to improve employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity. These changes require an all-inclusive approach that accommodates diverse demographics and cultures, for example employee satisfaction for millennials may mean something different from older employees. Software such as POPin allows communication of organizational values while helping employees align their performance with their personal goals and values. Employees want more than a paycheck; they are seeking for innovative environments that help in the achievement of personal goals. Human resource departments must look for creative ways to retain top talent and optimize performance among employees. One way to ensure an all-inclusive HR policy is to look into ways organizations can re-define employee experiences and open up room for honest engagement. Conversations looking to improve employee engagement and satisfaction should focus on: Identifying factors stopping employees from being productive When employees feel productive and useful, they enjoy their work more. However, sometimes organizational goals may feel abstract and distant; limiting an employee’s input in the overall achievement of these goals. Identifying the thoughts behind such attitudes is important in getting to the root cause of the problem. Creating peer based solutions Employees hold the solution to their satisfaction. Goodwill from management is futile if the solutions do not come from the very people experiencing the problems. Through POPin, employees can exchange ideas and resolve towards creating an environment that addresses individual and group issues to ensure overall peer satisfaction. They can share these solutions and come up with different implementation criteria within their departments. Suggest the role leadership can play to help employees feel more connected and relevant to their goals The management must then encourage employees to suggest how it can help facilitate attainment of personal goals among staff members. For example, they can introduce flexible hours or re-define job descriptions. The most effective solutions from an organization’s leaders must depend heavily on the input of employees, with serious conversation that guarantee a satisfactory outcome for both parties. Identify why employees would hesitate recommending a really talented individual in their departments and address the underlying issues Employee referral program’s help organizations save on talent acquisition costs. However, when employees fail to recommend talented individuals to their departments, then organizations must get to the root of the problem. For example, are employees afraid that the organization may stifle the individual or is it a matter of personal insecurity? Honest conversations on POPin allow for a 360-degree approach to the problem, where employers define the problem, employees provide feedback and together, they share ideas for sustainable solutions to improve the internal referral system. Conclusion Employee satisfaction is about continuous feedback, which organizations can do seamlessly with software such as POPin. The focus for HR departments must shift to include an optimal work environment, creating interesting and exciting experiences for staff members, facilitating a work-life balance. Organizations must also help employees align organization goals with their personal goals for a more holistic and productive experience.