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4 Ways to Tackle the Naysayers and Soulcrushers

For every light, there is a dark. For every yin, there’s a yang. For every up, there’s a down. And for every “hell yes,” there’s an exceedingly loud and obnoxious “nope, no, nada, no way and absolutely not.” Thankfully, it’s not every day that we get to battle with naysayers and soul crushers (though our 5 year olds can certainly hold their own), but when we do, we like having a game plan.
  1. Understanding the Cause It was once said that “It’s the most unhappy people who most fear change.” So when your organization tries to shake things up outside the walls of conformity, you will find that these unhappy people come out of the woodworks to try to keep you from evolving. They question. They criticize. They naysay. But we say, examine their motivations, understand their environment and potential restrictions and engage them further.
  1. Don’t Resist the Resistance. When you’re bombarded by the negativity of naysayers, it’s easy to think, “Forget it, we’ll ignore them,” and then plow forward towards your goal with ridiculous intensity. But think again. That strategy is fraught with its own set of headaches. This attitude can get you caught up in a number of different traps because it’s born out of stubbornness and rigidity. Sure, it might give you the determination you need to keep moving ahead despite all the odds, but as a business leader, you do need engagement, you do need some measure of collective thinking. Listen and acknowledge their feedback.
  1. Engage Them with Questions. (Courtesy LinkedIn)”You can get past their negativity by asking questions. Asking questions creates engagement and moves the conversation forward rather than creating a battle over differing views. If you take the time to understand the other person first, then when you ask for their consideration of your ideas, you are more likely to have their attention.”
  1. Stay the Course. Change is what we are about. Change is what drives us from here to there. It is not to be feared but, rather, embraced. It is the gateway to disruption. And that, my friends, is why we exist. Stagnant thoughts are not remotely entrepreneurial, so here us now. Stay the course. Do what it takes. Take calculated risks. Ask for help. Commit. Take good care of yourself. There will always be doubters and non-believers; bless them on your way.