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4 Ways a Townhall Can Aid in Top Talent Recruitment

Townhalls are just to appease your employees, right? They remind employees of the mission and inform them about what’s happening in the company. Not if you use them effectively. The townhall is one of the best top talent recruitment tools out there. It not only strengthens your existing employee base. It’s how you attract top talent while reducing your costs. Let’s explore how the townhall can become your greatest recruitment tool. 1) Connect with Employees A townhall is an opportunity for you to put a face to a name. As a leader, employees see your picture on the company intranet. They receive your praises for a job well done in an email that was composed in the HR department. But without that human connection, you’re just an abstract person who happens to be their boss. Through townhalls, you get to connect with your employees on a more meaningful level. You get to hear more unfiltered concerns and great ideas. You get to show them that you’re a person too. You’re all in this together. But what the heck does this have to do with top talent recruitment? 2) Strengthen Your Employee Brand It all comes down to your sphere of influence. You have much more control over how your own employees see you than you do over how others see you. When you connect in this way, you develop a stronger employee brand around which employees can rally. These employees in turn feel:
  • More connected to their peers
  • More motivated to put in that extra effort
  • More invested in the future of the company
  • That you care about them as human beings
  • That you value their insight & ideas
  • That they belong
This is the kind of place that top talent wants to work. But how does the word get out? 3) Increase Social Sharing Happy employees share their experiences on social. They talk about their days with others. They become an important piece of your social media marketing strategy. When you’ve strengthened your employee brand, employees recommend the company to both job-seekers and potential customers. Word gets around that you’re a great company to work for, not because of your “company brand”, but your employee one. 4) Decrease Recruitment Costs A company with a strong employee brand spends around 50% less than that of a less employee-centric company. The cost savings don’t end there. Companies with a strong brand are 54% more likely to attract high-quality candidates. That’s less time spent scheduling, interviewing and training. How to Turn Townhalls into a Top Talent Recruitment Magnet Turn your townhall into the best recruitment tool in your tool belt. Treat your employees as the wealth of knowledge and experience that they are. Solicit employee feedback. Always look to them for input on what should change and how to implement those changes. Get buy-in. Our software helps you get that buy-in at townhalls and throughout the organization. We facilitate the development of an employee brand that attracts top talent. Get started with a free demo.