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5 Great Examples of Superb Workplace Environments

Culture is a popular buzzword in offices around the globe. Positive workplace environments are critical to employee retention and productivity. In order to develop and maintain an excellent culture, leadership must create an environment in which employees can utilize their strengths. Employees that are free to use their strengths are 15% less likely to leave and 8% more productive, according to Gallup. What can you do to create a workplace in which employees are empowered to succeed? Read on to learn about 5 companies that have established superb workplace environments and are now reaping the benefits. 1) Google Has One of the Best Workplace Environments You would be hard-pressed to find a list of the companies with the best culture that did not include Google. Google famously makes its employees feel right at home. With free meals and the ability to bring your dog to work, it’s hard not to feel comfortable. There are many other perks like team-building events and gym access. Google thrives by rewarding its own employees. Google makes it a point to promote from within. It also fosters communication between high-level executives and low-level employees. Engaging with leadership is fulfilling. It helps employees feel wanted, an obvious key to retention. 2) Social Media Giants Facebook and Twitter are not Far Behind Like Google, these companies have created workplace environments where employees are happy and comfortable. To many, working for Facebook or Twitter just doesn’t feel like a job. For example, Facebook has eliminated the white-collar prison look of cubicles. Instead, it features an open, spacious layout. That way, employees view their coworkers as teammates and peers. Twitter has taken a similar approach, holding meetings on the rooftop rather than the drudgery of claustrophobic conference rooms. Furthermore, Facebook and Twitter offer its employees great flexibility. They allow telework, unlimited vacation time, and unconventional schedules that break from the dreaded 9-to-5. Workplace flexibility is increasingly popular, especially with millennials, who happen to make up one-third of the American workforce. 3) Chevron Emphasizes Health and Wellness Not all the best workplace cultures are found in Silicon Valley. Chevron receives high marks for focusing on the health of its employees. Health and wellness is extremely important to employee satisfaction and Chevron provides great tools and resources. There are on site gyms, subsidized health club memberships, and personal trainers. Not only does Chevron care about physical well-being, but is also concerned with the mental aspect. The company allows for frequent breaks and even offers massages to its employees. 4) Wegmans is a Family-Owned Business that does Amazing Philanthropy Work It is not uncommon to see the CEO of Wegmans pushing a cart and food shopping through one of his stores. Although Wegmans has more than 40,000 employees and generates $6 billion in sales, it has not lost touch with its roots as a family business. Wegmans offers great perks, but where it stands out is an extraordinary scholarship program that has shelled out over $80 million to roughly 25,000 employees for college assistance. Even more impressive, Wegmans gives back to the communities and encourages its employees to participate in self-rewarding philanthropic work. 5) There Are Many Great Companies Out There This short list does not do justice to the dozens of amazing companies that have created a superb environment to work. If you have any questions about establishing a phenomenal workplace culture for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.