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5 Ideas For Employee Appreciation

Employee motivation is one of the most important and often confusing requirement every manager faces throughout his or her career. The classic mistake is believing that salary and benefits is the only motivation necessary and will usually supplement with more cash bonuses. So, we’re not suggesting that you pull out the corporate checkbook to make nice with your employees but we are absolutely suggesting that you show some very real, very heartfelt employee appreciation often. Remember, employees who feel they have a positive personal relationship with their management team are more likely to be engaged! Here are five staff appreciation and employee recognition ideas can be executed with very little cost. Come back next week and we’ll share more!
  1. Arrange for a team to show the fruits of their labor to upper management. Employees feel more engaged when they feel that their ideas and efforts are recognized as important and helpful.
  1. Ask peers to nominate and vote for employees of the month. Team members will appreciate the recognition that they often notice and appreciate the day-to-day actions of their peers. If you do award Employee of the Month awards, be specific: write out and publicly explain exactly why a certain employee was selected.
  1. Start a staff appreciation program. Like a rewards program for supermarkets, Staff Appreciation Programs can award points for punctuality, and any traits you would like to encourage. Points may be redeemed for small prizes, or certain privileges, like leaving a half hour early one day. The institution of a such a program can energize your employees.
  1. Plan a surprise achievement celebration for an employee or a team of employees. Even if it’s just coffee and bagels, the employees you recognize will be delighted that their work was noticed and appreciated.
  1. Pass on the praise. If you hear a positive remark about a person, repeat it to that person as soon as possible—perhaps via email. Copying managers and supervisors on such comments is an especially powerful way to help employees feel appreciated.