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5 Reasons Corporate Communication is Important

A corporate communication strategy improves the quality of decisions, which significantly contributes to your organization’s success. Approaching this strategy and process with intent allows you to brainstorm on the best strategy to involve all stakeholders, including using the best communication and collaboration software available. Consider these five ways your communications strategy can impact your company: Leadership Isolation In many organizations, CEOs and other executive leaders have a team of gatekeepers to help them manage their time better and prioritize organizational goals. Top leaders also enjoy huge benefits, which gives them a false sense of security and seniority. Often, employees respond by being ‘yes men’, shielding the leaders from reality. This affects decision-making at a fundamental level, and compromises your organization’s success. Through effective and open corporate communications, leaders can create an open platform for feedback, even allowing employees to raise their concerns anonymously. Gradually, leaders can ask for input from the entire team when assessing progress and making important decisions on the way forward. Encourage Truth Telling Over 75 percent of company initiatives fail because most employees would rather agree with the boss and make a good impression than object with the truth. While organizational leaders often have the best intentions, they don’t have the ultimate solution. A solid communication strategy allows for honest contribution from all job levels and departments in the organization, allowing people on the front lines to give their insight into the decision making process. With the truth, and an inclusive corporate communications strategy, companies can respond to market trends appropriately. Improve Employee Satisfaction Working with employees to improve their productivity and satisfaction through engagement helps founders and leaders build effective and sustainable organizations. When looking for a more inclusive strategy, your organization must use an approach that engages fully with diverse cultures and demographics. For example, employee engagement expectations for millennials are quite different from older employees. Using software such as POPin allows you to engage with employees, and customize the work environment to cater to diverse needs. You can also get real-time feedback on the effectiveness of different strategies, and adjust accordingly. Improves Performance Improving corporate communication improves employee engagement, creating room for more inclusive and successful strategies. At the end of a task, every team member can take pride in being part of the process, which boosts morale. It also eliminates hierarchal management – without these barriers, employees can honestly engage with their managers, increasing individual and departmental productivity. Leaders can also re-introduce organizational goals and help employees align their personal goals to drive the corporate agenda. Implementing these strategies can improve performance by up to 22%, which positively affects the bottom line. Internal Feedback An inclusive communication strategy through software such as POPin creates an avenue for continuous feedback on projects, and organizational progress. Leaders can continually gauge strategy success and evaluate employee performance on a regular basis. Employees can also help in assessing corporate success, and advising leaders on the best way to move forward. Once corporates understand the benefits of corporate communications, they can strategize for better success. Ultimately, an all-inclusive strategy improves the bottom line and helps corporates retain and develop talent for long-term success.