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5 Reasons to Focus on Employee Engagement During Staff Management

5 Reasons to Focus on Employee Engagement During Staff Management
Have you ever worked a job you absolutely hated? It really wears away at your soul over time. Regardless of the specific reason why you hated your job, chances are it had to do with a lack of engagement. Whether it’s because you didn’t care about the work you were doing or weren’t challenged enough or given enough responsibility, you probably struggled to wake up for work in the morning. It’s a horrible trap to fall into. Now that you’re the leader of a company, responsible for staff management, you should make sure your employees aren’t falling into the same trap. Here are 5 reasons why you should care about your employees’ happiness and engagement.

1. Better Productivity

Unhappy, unengaged employees are less motivated to work hard and be productive. A 2013 Gallup study found that unengaged employees were outperformed by happy, engaged employees by 21%. This discrepancy came out to about $450-550 billion in lost profits due to poor productivity. Not only is making your employees happy a tremendous moral good, it also makes your company much more profitable. Engaged employees are productive employees.

2. Less Turnover

This one is simple: If your employees are happy, they’ll want to work for you for longer. In fact, a Hay Group study found that engaged employees were 87% less likely to quit their jobs. The positive effects of this employee retention cannot be overstated. If you keep your employees, you can build lasting relationships with customers, you won’t have to train new hires constantly, and your employees will actually have time to grow and get better at their jobs. It’s a staff management win-win-win.

3. Customer Satisfaction

A 2016 study found that companies with superior customer service had 1.5 times as many happy, engaged employees as companies with sub-par customer services. You really don’t need a study to tell you why this is the case. If you’ve walked into any fast food chain, you know that a disgruntled employee affects your experience negatively. And they’re most likely disgruntled because they are unengaged at their job.

4. Less Sick Days

If you hate your job, you’re more likely to call out with as little as a case of the sniffles. If you’re already unmotivated at work, a minor cold, or something more serious like the flu, can really bog you down. Happily engaged employees, however, have 3.5 fewer absences per year, on average. This helps your business run as smoothly as possible.

5. Better Company Reputation

There is no better head-hunter than an engaged staff. If you intend to attract the best and brightest minds to your operation, you’ll want a team of people that can vouch for your company. Plus, with sites like Glassdoor and other employer review web applications, it’s easy to have your reputation tarnished by disgruntled employees.

Staff Management Is Essential

Hopefully, you now understand how vital employee engagement is to the success of your company. It can also make or break you as a leader, and you only get so many leadership opportunities. If you’re looking for help optimizing your leadership strategies, check out our product. It can help provide you all the staff management insights you need.