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5 Tips for Building Trust in the Workplace

How’s your relationship with your employees?
Do they trust you? Or has trust suffered after a difficult incident or issue? Don’t panic. Whatever the current situation in your workplace, it is 100% possible to rebuild trust with a few smart strategies. You’ll need to focus on being truthful, accepting employee feedback, speaking respectfully about employees, and setting a positive example for your entire workforce. Ready to become an expert on building trust in the workplace? Let’s do this.

1. Be Truthful in Difficult Situations

Did you just make a huge mistake that’s created tons of extra work for your staff? Are you tempted to lie about it? We’ve all been there. However, it’s really important to be truthful with your employees at all times – even during difficult situations. Many experts have talked about how showing vulnerability at work can create a better environment with more positive relationships. Nobody is perfect all the time – but we can all strive to be more honest.

2. Don’t Speak Negatively About Employees

Got in the habit of gossiping by the water cooler? Tempted to complain about Karen while she’s on leave? Don’t. Speaking badly about other employees while they’re not around is a guaranteed way to destroy trust. After all, how do your other coworkers know you’re not saying the same about them? If someone is creating an issue that needs addressing, take them aside and discuss the issue maturely. However, if whatever’s bothering you isn’t serious enough to warrant a conversation, learn to let it go.

3. Listen Carefully to Feedback

How do you respond when a member of staff has questions, comments, or suggestions? What about criticism? It’s all too easy to give a superficial response without really listening to what’s being said – which leads employees to lose trust in you. One expert said that “The worst thing an employer can do is to ask for input but ignore it.” Is that you? If so, turn it around by listening carefully to feedback, practicing active listening, and acting on suggestions when you can.

4. Show That You Care About Your Staff

If you don’t show that you care about your staff, they’ll never completely trust you. Taking active steps to make life better for employees isn’t hard, but it can pay off big time. Whether you improve a difficult process, give out awards for employee achievements, or pay for employees to continue their professional development, you’ll be appreciated. A little care in the workplace goes a long way.

5. Set a Positive Example

If you want staff to trust you, you need to set a good example. That means putting your trust in the employees you’ve chosen, making staff feel valued and respected, and avoiding the temptation to micromanage. Show staff that you believe in them, and they’ll believe in you.

Importance of Building Trust in the Workplace

Building trust in the workplace will make team members happier, increase staff loyalty, prompt open conversation, and boost overall productivity. Take a little time to build trust, and your company could change a big way. Want more leadership tips? Visit our blog today.