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5 Ways to Achieve Effective Leadership in the Office

Did you know that up to half of all employees report leaving a job due to a bad boss? Being a strong leader is understated and critical to the well-being of any business. In fact, effective leadership in the workplace affects everything from employee morale to company productivity. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your own leadership skills or you just want to learn something new about being assertive in the workplace, we’ve come up with the top skills you need for success. Let’s get into it! Communicate Assertively Healthy and appropriate communication are critical for both getting your point across and making sure your employees feel heard and understood. Being too aggressive risks employees feeling unsafe or intimidated. On the same token, being too passive risks employees taking advantage of your generosity and even walking all over you. The key here- practice assertive communication. Be respectful of others’ needs and be clear and concise of your needs and expectations as well. Poor communication and poor leadership are two of the predominant reasons employees decide to resign from their current positions. Make sure you have these tools sharpened! Be Flexible Rigid and controlling bosses create toxic environments. Employees often feel unsafe or scared to express how they feel or discuss their needs. Effective leadership entails flexibility. This means being open to change, riding out different obstacles, and having a positive, can-do attitude. After all, this displays appropriate flexibility for your employees, and a flexible work environment makes for a happy and productive team. Be Positive Not only is negativity terrible for your physical and psychological health, it’s pretty terrible in the workplace as well. One of the greatest assets a leader can have is his perspective and attitude. This means practicing gratitude and aiming to see the glass as half-full whenever possible. Positive attitudes rub off on people. If you’re noticing that your workplace is feeling a bit glum, be sure to take a look at your own attitude. Are you constantly complaining about work? Constantly expecting the worst? Avoiding and procrastinating certain tasks? If you want a superb workplace, focus first on changing your individual attitude. We think you’ll like the results that follow. Stay Passionate It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of administrative and political responsibilities that come with your leadership roles. It’s also easy to become cynical about your work and forget the joy and reward that comes with it. Passion is key in effective leadership. This means staying focused on the gifts and meaning behind your work. It also means staying focused on why you do what you do (outside of just the paycheck). This mental shift will help you feel energized in your work. It can also help your employees feel more passionate in their roles. Final Thoughts Effective leaders are not necessarily born. They are created and cultivated through practice and intentionality. If you are a leader, you have signed up for a lifetime of learning and growing. Enjoy the challenge! Have any questions or thoughts? Join the conversation in the comments section below!