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5 Ways Crowdsourcing Issues Improves Your Company

Would you believe that on the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, the crowd gave the correct answer 91% of the time? Well, it’s true. The wisdom of the crowd is powerful, and you should be using that wisdom to improve your company.
Next time your company has an issue, try turning to crowdsourcing. Not convinced? This article will break down five of the biggest ways crowdsourcing issues can improve your company. Read on to learn how.

1. Reduces Overhead

One of the primary reasons to employ crowdsourcing at your company is to cut down on labor and equipment costs. For example, your company probably needs good graphic design, but probably not all the time. You could hire a full-time graphic designer, pay them well, give them advanced software, and have them design for you whenever you need it. Or you could turn to crowdsourcing for your designs. The latter saves you money and provides flexibility.

2. Inspires Creativity

In-house employees will do exactly what you say and they will come up with solutions that fit your company’s style. But that’s not always a good thing. By crowdsourcing issues, you’re telling a large group of aspiring designers, programmers, marketers, etc. to come up with something exciting enough to get your attention. There’s no better way to inspire creativity. The crowd won’t care about offending you or coloring outside the lines. Some of the solutions might not be very good, but one of them might be groundbreaking. And you only need one.

3. Improves Accuracy

Crowdsourcing issues not only inspires creativity, it inspires accuracy. This is especially true in the Wikipedia model of crowdsourcing. In this model, many people are working on the same solutions simultaneously. They eliminate anything they don’t agree on and reinforce things they do agree on. Duolingo is another example of this model. On Duolingo, thousands of novice language learners discuss and argue over small translations until they all agree on a similar answer. In cases like these, thousands of imperfect workers combine to produce nearly perfect results.

4. Lower Labor Costs

You’ve already seen how crowdsourcing issues can reduce labor overhead, but even the cost of actual labor is lower in a crowdsourcing model. In a traditional model, you hire professionals who often have years of education and experience. They aren’t cheap, but you need them if you want to produce quality work. A crowdsourcing model allows you to pay amateur prices for professional results. That’s because the crowd is generally less professional and requires lower wages, but the advantages of crowdsourcing allow them to produce professional level work.

5.Teaches You About Your Customers

By crowdsourcing directly to your customers, you can learn a great deal about who they are and what they want. Ask your customers for product suggestions (via Twitter or Facebook), and you’ll have a much better idea of the types of products they’re looking for. Ask them for more general suggestions and use that information to help guide the direction of your company. Not only will you get great information, but your customers will feel that they are a part of your company’s development process — a great way to build brand loyalty.

Start Crowdsourcing Issues Today

We have no doubt that crowdsourcing will improve your business. Start experimenting as soon as possible; you won’t regret it. And if you really want to take your efficiency to the next level, don’t forget to check out our line of advanced office efficiency products.