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5 Ways Your Staff Can Drive Employee Engagement

You know how important it is to drive employee engagement. You also know that engaged employees are rare. The concept of employee engagement is a still a new one. As a Director, VP, or C-Level professional, it’s not easy to find and implement the best strategy to drive employee engagement. But the fact remains that only 15% of employees worldwide are actively engaged and satisfied with the workplace environment. The statistics are better in the U.S., where 30% of employees are actively engaged. But that still leaves 7 out of 10 that are either not engaged (essentially “checked out”) or actively disengaged (undermining what engaged co-workers accomplish). So how do you get your employees to start driving their own engagement at work? How do get them to start their day with a sense of purpose and finish it feeling like they have achieved their goals? Let’s look at 5 proven strategies that drive employee engagement and increase productivity.
  1. Choose the Right Managers
Managers set the tone for the day-to-day workflow and attitude of each department. Top managers understand that their own personal success and the success of the organization depends on the achievements of their employees. They also care about the success of their people and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. The right manager then provides employees every opportunity to showcase their individual talents for the benefit of the company. When the right managers are in place they help drive employee engagement every work day. Find the right managers and employee engagement will follow.
  1. Utilize an Open Floor Layout
Trapping employees inside cubicle walls or office doors is a great way to kill engagement. An open floor layout promotes active real-time communication between employees. Choosing the right open floor layout for introverts and extroverts can be a challenge. But it can be done. Consider testing an open floor layout in one or two departments and see what the employee engagement results are.
  1. Do Not Micro-Manage
Micro-managing is one of the best ways to take engaged employees and make them check out. Strong employees thrive on the ability to utilize their own personal skill set to help your business succeed. They want to be trusted. Micro-managing shows a lack of trust in their abilities and ideas. Of course, new employees need to earn trust first. But once they earn it, don’t hold them back through micro-management. It’s the fastest way to take engaged employees and drive them away.
  1. Drive Employee Engagement By Giving Recognition
Everybody wants to be recognized for a job well done. The more recognition an employee receives, the more engaged they will be in their work. This doesn’t necessarily need to be done through financial incentives (although those work great as well). Have your managers report to you each week on outstanding accomplishments by their employees. Then pull one or two of them in and congratulate them on what they’ve done. Another way you can drive recognition is doing an unsung heroes shout out. In fact, you can run a quick POPin session and recognize them in your company today! Click here to find out how.
  1. Encourage Positive Employee Relationships
Positive employee relationships create an atmosphere of support, loyalty and camaraderie. This is why your organization’s culture is so important. These personal bonds drive productivity. Employees with positive co-worker relationships don’t want to disappoint each other. It helps build a strong team that can face any level of adversity. Conclusion These simple strategies will help to quickly drive employee and engagement and give you better workers. Imagine if 70% of your employees were engaged in the success of the company. What a difference that would make! Put these strategies into place and see the improvement to your bottom line.