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7 Foolproof Tips for Organizational Culture

Organizational culture in any business directly relates to employee behaviors and how well they understand the vision, mission, and goals of your organization. Each and every employee needs to know what the purpose of your company is and what you want to achieve; however, these goals have to also align with the employee’s individual goals. This is a critical step, and too many businesses have overlooked this fact. It’s not just enough for employees to perform their daily tasks because it’s their job or because they need the money. Business leaders need to enlighten their employees so that organizational growth is a two-way path that involves both professional development and personal growth. Here are seven ways you can help any business leader to become a culture company: Communicate Values A business leader should first identify the company’s core values and let the unshakable beliefs be realized more naturally. It’s the responsibility of a leader to communicate the required values consistently to reinforce them in everything the company does. Encourage Strong Organizational Culture In any organization, the CEO should be the symbol of the company’s culture. Top managers need good role models who can walk the talk. Hold Your Team to Consistent Accountability All efforts of establishing good employee values can go down the drain if top business leaders fail to hold workers accountable for their actions. Accountability for all corporate values begins at the top, and they should also be practiced between peer employees. This means that business leaders should become better role models that employees can emulate. Pay Attention to Metrics Business leaders should establish and track the leading and lagging metrics in the business, and share the results with those who are responsible for them. Accountability and feedback can then be based on the subjective observations vs. objective results. Don’t Accommodate Bad Decisions Business leaders shouldn’t accommodate poor decisions just because they came from good people. Accommodating bad decisions from good people will sink any business quickly. Therefore, business leaders and managers should ensure that their corrective action policy is not only transparent, but also practiced fairly. Have a Common Language For a company to become successful, it should have a culture of excellence. This means that there should be a language among coworkers that comes alive every working day and not only in management meetings. Such language is created by how employees treat customers, prospects, and each other. Ask For Assistance Building an organizational culture requires dedicated leaders, and building such a culture takes commitment. To ensure that a business shapes the desired organizational culture, leaders may need assistance from professionals like POPin.   For companies looking to follow these steps and establish a strong culture for their organization, we have a great platform and methodology that will make it easy to build great environments for your employees. Here at POPin, we use our buy-in methodology to help business leaders to discover what is happening in their organization. It does so by anonymously crowdsourcing answers to specific questions within a span of less than 72 hours. After discovering the issues in a business, POPin engages the team on some of the ways to solve the issues. This gives business leaders the perfect solutions to problems without much work. Launch your own session and try it today!