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A Founder’s Heart

“Once upon a time….
“….. in a land called StartUp, lived a CEO so enchanted, so enthralled, so passionate with building a new company that she worked tirelessly, joyfully and endlessly to achieve success.   The CEO surrounded herself with like-minded soldiers, encouraging their dreams to parallel hers. And when the CEO slept, all the while, dreaming big: big ideas, big goals, and a big vision. Constantly thinking about how this new company could succeed. Bit by bit, with hard work, collaboration and a team so passionate of this start-up dream and sharing in the “founder’s heart”, the company grew. For those living in Start-Up world, it became a lifestyle, not simply a job. It was difficult for them to separate the success or failure of the startup with the success and failure of the team and their careers. They discovered that the emotional oscillations that came each day bound them more closely to the CEO and to their co-workers. And they were all on that one little boat, spending nights and weekends together, blurring what it meant to be at-work and not-at-work, navigating the waves and the storms in the single-minded dream of one day becoming more than just a start-up but a company of Real Value. But in a land filled with the skeletons and broken dreams of start-ups past, and roads paved with obstinacy, marginal niches and diluted valuations, the CEO began to worry. She worried that her growing team would tire and disconnect bit by bit. She worried that the growing infrastructure and hierarchy would result in complacency and boredom. So she thought more about how to reignite the levels of collaboration and engagement of the early days and the shared feeling of a ‘Founder’s Heart.’”
Ok, so many of us, this little story rings very true. Whether you’re a CEO/entrepreneur getting your company off the ground or a manager of a 10-person team at a Fortune 500 company, the challenge is the same…getting and staying inspired. We know that either you do something because you love to or you have to. We don’t think you can consistently excel at something unless you love it. No clock-puncher will put in the extra energy and thought to make early customers ridiculously happy for example. They won’t keep going when it looks like there’s no way forward. They won’t be relentless. But someone who’s passionate about the topic can and will. So, how do you keep that early energy going? How do you maintain the ‘Founder’s Heart’ within your team?   Collaboration and Engagement. Using PoPin’s actionable social tools with direct sessions to contain, control and curate a specific conversation help maximize participation, foster engagement and promote innovation across employees, partners and customers. PoPin empowers organizations to make team’s best ideas actionable by flattening and engaging the team for CrowdSourcing opportunities and CrowdSolving specific initiatives within the enterprise. So back to the ‘Founder’s Heart.’ Think about it the next time you go through a big launch, when you celebrate a milestone, or when you make jokes about the future at the end of a long night—there is a buzz and an energy that everyone feels, borne of shared belief and sweat and camaraderie. It’s the meaning of ‘teamness’, and it’s a pretty incredible feeling and a pretty happy ending in the land of StartUp.