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Be a Leader

You know as well as we know that inspiring your employees is one of your most valuable tools. They, in turn, will be inspired to engage with the customers to the best of their ability. Every leader should want to make an positive impact on the people they work with– it is part of engaging them to their fullest potential. It is our job to show certain qualities to our team in order to be the best leader we can be. Here are some important things your team must garner from your leadership, written by Sherrie Campbell for entrepreneur.com.
  • “Kindness” People deserve kindness. And your employees, first and foremost, are people. Don’t just blindly give away rewards for no reason. Show your kindness by incentivizing good work. It’s how you nurture productivity and leave laziness and inactivity in the dust. Be smart and watch them prosper under your kindness. It’s simple really, being kind is easy. You don’t have to waste time on elaborate schemes of boosting productivity. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, right? Of course right.
  • “Faith” Having faith or just believing in our team goes an extraordinarily long way. When you show that you trust them to get the job done, they will have faith in themselves. When they feel micromanaged, they are less likely to get work done. The pressure alone will destroy productivity. Have you tried to get something done while a large, oppressive force stood over your shoulder, telling you exactly how to do it? It doesn’t work very well. It is a really undermining process.
  • “Confidence” Confidence is key. We’re quite sure of that. This goes hand in hand with faith. When your team feels that you are confident in their abilities, they will succeed. You want to show that you are all on the same team, working towards one goal. As a general rule, all people are different and each employee has their own unique style. It’s up to you as the leader to embrace those qualities and allow your employees to thrive. It helps when they know you trust them.
  • “Patience” Be patient. Wow, that one was easy. Your team needs your patience… not for you to pressure them. Don’t kill their motivation. Plain and simple.
  • “Affection” Think of this more as affirmation. You don’t need to coddle your employees or anything like that. But make sure they know you appreciate their good work. Remember to affirm them when they deserve it and it will go a long way. This is especially true when you notice them struggling. Help them through it with a positive attitude, NOT negativity and pressure.
  • “Counsel” It is your job as the head honcho, the leader, the big kahuna– whatever you want to call it– to provide guidance and counsel. Feedback, both positive and constructive, are a valuable and necessary part of growing and getting work done. Give them the chance to make their own choices, but guide them in the right direction if necessary.
  • “Compassion”  This is a very important part of being a leader. You have to set the pace for the rest of your team. Remember to do that with the right amount of authenticity and vulnerability. Compassion is so important when you’re dealing with people. This goes with being empathetic to your team.
  • “Respect” You have to respect the people you work with, just as they must respect you. Just because you are “the boss” does not guarantee their respect. You have to earn it. And most of the time, by doing all these other things on the list, you WILL earn that respect.
So, you’ve probably figured out the connection to all of these things. COMMUNICATION. It’s what ties everything together. Open communication in a respectful and engaging manner will do wonders for any team relationship. Also, it helps inspire the employees to do their very best.