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The Benefits of Crowdsourcing Issues and Solutions for Your Organization

Many business owners work every day trying to resolve the common challenges in business. Some challenges include growing revenue, hiring employees, and adhering to government regulations. Instead of coping alone, they can draw upon the benefits of crowdsourcing. While the term “crowdsourcing” might be recent, the process itself has been around. Companies in various industries are making use of it to great success. 2016’s ‘State of Crowdsourcing‘ reported that consumers and companies were co-creating value together. “But what is this value?” You might ask. Keep reading to find out.

Benefits of Crowdsourcing

As with all business tools, crowdsourcing works when you apply the right strategies. Otherwise, it could affect your reputation or compromise your business plans. Here are some benefits of crowdsourcing issues and solutions for your organization:

1. Identifying and Solving Complex Issues

Asking the crowd for answers helps your company identify problems you were not aware of. You might also seek their expertise in solving these issues. For example, operating system software companies reward users who spot a vulnerability. They can then patch the issue before criminals profit from it.

2. Receiving Feedback

Some businesses find out the hard way their products are not appealing to the customer. This happens when they fail to seek feedback in every step of the production process. Thus, they end up with a beautiful product no one wants. Seeking feedback from the public allows you to improve your business functions. You can train your staff, alter the products, and follow the market trends. This, in turn, boosts customer satisfaction. Take note, the feedback doesn’t have to be from the public alone. It can also come from your staff. Anonymous staff feedback creates a quality work environment. These unfiltered suggestions from your staff highlight employee dissatisfaction. As such, fixing the issues will boost office morale and ensure you retain more employees. It can also enhance productivity since the limiting factors will be removed.

3. Saves Money for the Company

Crowdsourcing gives you a pool of unlimited talent. These talented professionals can solve your company’s problems at a lower cost. For example, freelance writing and designing platforms have many competitive and creative providers. Thus, they sell their services at affordable prices to beat out the competition.

4. Generate Profitable Ideas

Since every company is looking for the next big idea, you need all the tools at your disposal to get an edge. While your staff is capable of coming up with great ideas, the crowd tells you the solutions they need now. Take for example this current age of selfies. Customer input forced mobile phone giants to invest in improving the front-facing cameras. Now, those companies advertise their front cameras as a reason to buy their devices. You can be sure this technique works.

Learn More About Aligning Your Organization

The benefits of crowdsourcing go far beyond those listed above. Crowdsourcing is breaking traditional business models. It is leveling the playing field for startups, small businesses, and large companies. Its impact is clear in innovation, customer engagement, and solving business issues. Most important of all, it provides value at affordable prices. Visit our blog to learn more about using crowd solutions to align your organization.