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Best Boss Ever: The Balance Between Leadership and Friendship

You did it! You’re the boss! You’ve climbed the ranks and are now at that ever-so-coveted leadership position. You’re probably finding new challenges in managing employees, their productivity and your relationship with them. Where do you draw the line? How do you light a fire beneath your team, maintain respect and still cultivate a friendly report between you? I have good news: nice bosses really do finish first. While some people might say that being a friend to your employees is a faux pas, we see it as a way to strengthen your workforce. To be the best boss ever, you’ve got to get down in the trenches and show your employees you are one of them. What’s more, friendships at the workplace have proven productivity benefits. Have no fear, the guide to balancing both professionalism and friendship is here: Hear Them Out To be the best boss ever, you’ve got to bring the best ever out of each of your team members. Forget the job responsibilities confines a person might have, it’s time to make sure everyone is heard. Be available and be congenial so your employees feel like you are a safe space in which they can share their ideas or their concerns. You never know what brilliant ideas that could perpetuate your business go unsaid because they simply don’t feel comfortable sharing them. To allow your employees to be effective, they need to feel heard. Avoid Social Media and Be the Best Boss Ever Leave your fraternization with your employees to the local bowling allies and not at on their social media profiles. Not only does this create jealousy among employees when you comment on one post and not another, it’s just unprofessional. You need to be a friend to your employees, but the best boss ever doesn’t need to be up to date on their Facebook postings. Social media can be a conduit in future problems in any working relationship. In the digital age, it’s important to avoid any situation where a comment through text can be misconstrued as demeaning or harassment. Treat Everyone Equally To maintain the perfect balance between best boss ever and workplace friend, you cannot play favorites. Playing favorites will surely enhance certain relationships, but it will hurt others. If everyone doesn’t feel they are on equal footing with you, they might start to feel resentment. Resentment is not conducive to a friendly workplace. You might know some of your employees on a more personal level than others, but don’t let that show while at your place of business. Be All That You Can Be But don’t try to be what you can’t. You’re the boss, not a magician. Be a great, respectful boss while being a friend by following these simple tips and tricks. After all, a happy workplace is a successful workplace. Increase your employee productivity and overall positive energy by letting your employees have a voice. Avoid social media interactions with your employees and remember to treat everyone equally. If you’re ready to boost productivity and achieve your organization’s goals, contact us today.