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The Best Way to Assimilate as a New Leader

The role of manager is one that, while rewarding, comes with unique sets of challenges. Not only are you responsible for the business results assigned to your group, but you also must oversee everything that comes with managing employees. Any problems, concerns, tasks, historical issues, missed deadlines, HR cooperation, and more all fall on your shoulders, and it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. The difficulty of your job compounds further when you join a new company. Not only do you need to learn a new company and get a handle on your new key performance indicators, but you also need to get up to speed on any issues you may have inherited. Stressful? Absolutely. In theory, the onboarding process should mitigate any concerns you have, as well as help you uncover any glaring issues with your new team. But realistically, how often do these procedures give you a true idea of what you’re taking on? We’d wager these onboarding practices never give you an accurate view of your new team’s dynamics. Everyone seems to have a theory on how to assimilate well into leading a team. Harvard Business Review even published tips on what to do first. But that doesn’t really get to the root of the problem. It’s obvious there is a huge gap in organizations in regards to management. Effective onboarding for the individuals leading teams is critical, as is the successful assimilation into the teams (regardless of if the employee is new or existing). The bottom line is this: leaders need to know the truth about what their teams are dealing with. The answer this is simple- ask the team. You will never get answers to the questions you don’t ask. Whether it’s a small group or a large department, every team has its own dynamics and obstacles that carry on to the leader. Involving each member in the conversations builds trust, but also lets the leader set a different tone for the way the team will operate.