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Is it Better to Roll Out “MY IDEA” or “OUR IDEA”?

Remember when your daily planner was the perfect way to schedule your day? Or how about the joy of heading over to your local video store to pickup a DVD? Maybe it was that flip-phone that seemed so cool…. and then technology, and your life, changed. Brilliant ideas don’t matter without buy-in and buy-in can’t happen without open and honest conversations. Let’s be candid; telling the truth to the boss is usually career limiting, but we must have conversations to solve real business problems. It’s no wonder that statistics show 70% of business initiatives fail miserably. What exacerbates the situation is that the teams doing the work already knew the truth of the matter, whether it would work or not, but are too afraid to voice candid opinions for fear of reprisal. Yes, there are more ways to survey than anyone thought imaginable, but as pointed out by David Hassell in his FastCompany article titled “Why Anonymous Feedback Does More Harm Than Good” having a one-way conversation will never lead to actionable results even under the cloak of anonymity. How do leaders achieve their goals? It requires the coordinated action of a team, and that requires the buy-in of those actually doing the work. But buy-in (aka engagement, alignment, or participation) has been difficult to attain for a number of reasons. Until recently, there’s never been a way for a leader to actually have an actionable conversation with 100 or 1,000 or 10,000+ people, and to hear directly what they think, with the opportunity to instantly reply. It’s as big of a difference as between your old organizer, and your new smartphone. It’s revolutionary. What is more important is recognizing that success doesn’t come from one question or even one conversation. It requires a series of on-going conversations to develop trust and ultimately buy-in. A successful Buy-in Method includes:
  • DISCOVER WHAT IS HAPPENING: First, figure out what you don’t know. Leverage tools like POPin with any team in your organization to anonymously crowdsource the truth of the matter in less than 72 hours.
  • SHARE HOW TO SOLVE: Now that you know what the issues are exactly, engage the team again with the same tool to solve the problem of how to overcome it. The result: a better solution with less work.
  • ACT WITH BUY-IN: With the truth in hand and solutions from the team, putting plans into action is easier than ever before. Remember, there’s a big difference in implementing “your decisions” versus implementing “our decisions.”