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Boosting Creativity in the Workplace

We are firm believers in embracing– and even expecting– creativity within the workplace. No one wants to sit stagnantly for an entire 8-hour day. Work will start to suffer if the employees do not feel creatively engaged. So, how do you promote that much needed creative element when you spend your days in the office? It’s really a matter of adding in simple shifts within the workplace. Here are six really great ways to implement creativity written by Michael Poh on Hongkiat.com.
  1. “Reward Creativity” Think about it this way: if you want your team to start thinking out-of-the-box, you have to reward them for doing so. If they come up with a good creative idea, it’s important to actually take it seriously. No one is going to want to take risks if they feel nothing will come from it. Don’t waste your team’s time by putting them on some roller coaster, forcing them to ‘think creatively’ and then never use any of their ideas. To start off, maybe set some goals for your team to make things work more efficiently. The best idea can be rewarded and then implemented. And the rewards depend entirely on you and your situation. Maybe a tangible gift or just some nice recognition will do the trick.
  2. “Anonymity & Confidentiality” It’s entirely possible that your employees already have a plethora of ingenious ideas brewing inside them, but just don’t have the space to do so. That’s where confidential and (sometimes) anonymous discussion comes into play. Create a space where your team can provide their opinions without fear of judgment. Readers, you know how much we value open discussion. It’s such a vital step in engaging your team to their full potential.
  3. “Innovation Teams” A cool idea is to set up some innovation teams. Each team would have to come up ways to improve some aspect of a work process. A deadline is also a good idea to make sure the teams present their ideas. However, if not done properly, this innovation team thing can seem a little counter productive. It might seem too deliberate and hinder the creative spark. You don’t want innovation to seem like a chore; you want it to be something that can flourish.
  4. “Support Creativity” We’ve already talked about why it’s necessary to actually implement the great creative ideas that come your way. It’s about supporting creativity. As a leader, guide the company in a direction that values the creative spark, not suppresses it. Show your employees that you support creativity by providing them with the right tools. In our office, we have white board tables so that we can really flesh out our creativity. It’s been a fun tool that everyone seems to really enjoy.
  5. “Diversity Among Employees” Nothing will ever get done if you have a room full of people who all think the same exact way. You need different minds, different skill sets, different backgrounds in order to innovate and collaborate. Remember, people who ask questions move the conversation forward. You want diversity within your team because it will allow for real creativity. A team full of interesting and hard workers with different mindsets will push each other to create.
  6. “Positive Working Environment” You HAVE to be in a positive state of mind in order to actually create what you want. If you’re always thinking about the things that are never going to happen, well… they won’t happen! You have to visualize yourself attaining what you want! You want to promote that positive attitude if you expect your team to be creatively innovating all the time. This upbeat, positive mentality will allow for much more productive work. It will also widen perspectives and open minds in order to explore opportunities.
This is one more step towards success. Foster your team’s creativity and watch them soar.