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Why Buy-in Matters to Your Company

Productivity and motivation can be a challenge for any company. But when you’re specifically working with projects and initiatives that NEED to succeed, making sure your employees are motivated and productive in ways that work towards the goals you’ve set is critical. If your teams struggle to see the value of the initiatives you’re rolling out or if they don’t agree with the methods you’ve outlined, you’re going to have an even harder time achieving successful implementation. This is where buy-in comes in and why it’s so important to your company. You need the commitment of your employees if you are going to realize your goals. Employees who have bought-in and support the direction you’ve outlined will have a sense of ownership. They will feel valued and their productivity will remain high so they will work in alignment with the goals of your organization. If your employees don’t feel like they’re being listened to or if their opinions don’t matter, buy-in will be almost impossible for you to achieve. The easiest and most effective way to improve buy-in is to ask your employees what matters to them and what their opinions are. We call this crowdsourcing- and it’s a great way to leverage your employees to find the problems in your organization, as well as how to best solve them. Crowdsourcing is the process of empowering your staff to make decisions relevant to their work or projects through free and open discussion. By allowing your staff to have input, you increase their ownership of the task and improve buy-in. Improving organizational buy-in will impact productivity in a positive way. Your staff will be fulfilled and motivated, ready to help their leaders achieve their goals. If productivity and efficiency are important to your organization and you are not using crowdsourcing then you are putting your organization at risk. In the past, companies could get on by the reputation. This is not the case today because of the lighting speed of the digital age. What organizations are doing is the determinant of its current status and not what it accomplished ten years ago. While crowdsourcing, the company should ensure that all it employees or contractors buy in because it is a determinant of the company performance. Almost every product, whether it’s a physical product or service, is subject to the public feedback. A potential customer won’t consider buying a product without first reading the reviews. If the employees serving the company not encouraged enough to buy in then the company may ruin its public reputation. Gaining staff buy-in is a skill, and here at POPin we are committed to helping every business improve their employee engagement through our POPinNow platform.