Change Management Done Right

Ask, Listen and Do

Launch a POPin

Change is a Fact of Business Life

How you deal with it dictates success or failure

People will make or break the success of any change a company wants to make. Get into the heads of the people to figure out what they want and find a way to make this change something they want. Or better yet – need.

POPin Creates Buy-in

Discover needs to ensure success

POPin makes it safe to ask your stakeholders and team what they need to succeed and what would make the solution better. Voting gives leaders the means to separate the vocal minority from the practical solutions. When leaders integrate this feedback, they are one step closer to buy-in and adoption.

Measuring Intangibles

POPin dashboards show people progress

Knowing if you are having an impact on the people component of change is easy with POPin. Dashboards show the trend of POPin questions over time across the organization, giving management a view to successes and potential problem areas.