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Change in an Organization Is a Breeze with Townhall

recent Gallup poll revealed that 70% of corporate change initiatives fail. One reason why? Change in an organization can be met with employee pushback, and figuring out how to ease those concerns is critical. Any time you introduce a new process, hardware or software solution, or team member, there will undoubtedly be questions asked and anxieties raised. Fielding these inquiries can be tough, especially for C-level employees busy rolling out the changes themselves. POPin, our Q&A-based leadership tool, makes it easier than ever to hold informative, townhall-style meetings that prioritize and address the heavy-hitting topics. Ready to learn more about this solution? Let’s go! Never Wonder Where to Start Looking at an enterprise-wide focal shift? Preparing to adjust best practices and introduce a new set of company guidelines? When the change in an organization is far-reaching, it can be difficult for leaders to figure out how to begin a townhall presentation. It’s nearly impossible to discern which changes employees are most concerned about and what the talking points on each should be. Or is it? With POPin, you can crowdsource anonymous feedback across your departments, giving your employees the opportunity to speak freely about any questions they have about the impending adjustments. Then, you can take those insights with you to the townhall meeting, prepared to speak on exactly the issues your company cares about the most. Focus on Majority Rule At a townhall meeting, it’s ideal to allow everyone the time to voice his or her opinion. Yet, chances are, you don’t have that luxury of time, and your employees don’t either. To this end, it’s helpful to use POPin to rank top issues by how frequently they’re mentioned in the Q&As. That way, you’ll know which subjects to mention in your talk, and can address the less-mentioned ones individually or at a later date. Another benefit is that by making the Q&A anonymous, you’ll receive the honest feedback you need to spur effective change. Without having to worry about their identity being revealed, employees will be more likely to share their true feelings. Then, you’ll know that the top few issues truly are major concerns, and should be mentioned at the onset of your townhall. Easily Analyze the Outcome Have you ever left a meeting scratching your head just a little? You know you spoke, and you know people listened, but did your message get through? POPin’s built-in analytics software allows you to quickly see how productive the meeting was and if employees were satisfied with the way you addressed their issues. The best part? The feedback is quantitative, meaning you never have to second-guess your interpretation of it. You can use this knowledge to tweak your presentation and sharpen any that you have going forward. Planning a Change in an Organization? POPin Can Help! Are you getting ready to mix things up a little bit at the office? Whether you’re planning a major company change or just rearranging the shared kitchen space, you’ll want to be armed with answers your employees want. Our proprietary crowdsourcing software allows you to hear their voice, and more effectively use yours, to deliver dynamic and successful progress within your organization. Set up your account today and let’s change the way we listen!