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With Complacency Comes Chaos

As a leader, you should never let yourself get complacent. That will be to the detriment of your business and the end of your employees’ respect for you. You need to take ownership and accountability because we live in a world that is constantly changing and reinventing itself. When you let yourself get stagnant, your company will suffer. Here are three powerful tidbits of advice from Glenn LLopis, a contributor for  Entrepreneur.com.  
  • “Leaders must learn to adopt a new mindset” If you refuse to change with the times or reinvent yourself or your company, you’re only locking yourself into complacency. You’ll never grow or become more successful as a leader. It’s incredibly hard to be a leader these days. A huge part of that is learning out to continue to grow, even in the face of adversity. It’s so important to let go of your old mindset when it stops working. A new mindset can change your whole perspective and do wonders for the future of your business. Embrace a more positive, open, and communicative environment and see what happens.
  • “Learn to take on more ownership” As the leader, you cannot take all the credit for other’s’ work when it is successful and at the same time, you cannot push all accountability on to them when it fails. Take ownership and do the work. You can’t sit in your golden tower overseeing it all. inspire and engage your team to work hard by actually working hard yourself. You can’t be afraid of jumping into the mud and getting dirty and you strive for success. The most important ingredient in the leadership witches brew is accountability. Hold yourself and your team accountable and they will rise to meet your expectations– that is if you lead by example.
  • “Embrace diversity of thought” It’s easy to seek out advice from people who think exactly the same way as you do. Easy, maybe, but not as beneficial as you’d like it to be. Collaboration comes from working together as a team of people who think differently. Each person will attack the situation with a different perspective and a different idea of how to solve the problem. Strong communication with your team will encourage that much needed diversity of thought. You’ll be a better company for it as well.
  So, what do you think? Being a leader has never been an easy job, but with a few tricks, you can learn to be a great one. Just remember to keep an open mind and focus on communication. It’ll take you a long way.