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How to Completely Change Campus Administration with Buy-In

Buy-In refers to when team members give support of a new idea, or at least have a voice in planning its execution. Most organizational changes trickle down from leadership, and most (70%!) fail.  Clearly, there is a problem with how organizations are going about their initiatives. What can change the game? Buy-in. Hear our CEO speak on the importance of buy-in in achieving success. Buy-in allows for organizations to refine an idea on every level. Otherwise, you’re making a decision that’s not completely informed. In university campuses, buy-in is especially important when pushing new initiatives due the incredibly multifaceted dynamics of an educational institution. Ultimately, it’s about the students, and campus administration does them no favor when it makes decisions that are not as calculated as possible. Here are four ways that universities can change campus administration with buy-in:
  1. Reinforce values. Everyone at a university should stand behind the common goals outlined in the mission statement, and this should be the starting point to incorporating administrative buy-in. No university wants to remain static in a changing world, instead they want to best prepare students for an amazing future ahead. All team members in campus administration want to create the best environment for student success and have a valuable perspective on how to do so. In this way, it is only to the school’s values that all administrative employees have a say in shaping their institution.
  2. Accept criticism. It’s only realistic to expect some team members to shy away from critiquing their superiors in fear of putting their job security in jeopardy, but accepting criticism doesn’t have to be this way. If your university picks up a platform, such as POPin, in which employees can submit feedback anonymously, then this issue is solved. Though it may be tough to receive negative feedback about your beloved university, this is the only way that your university can improve to be the best it can be.
  3. Encourage brainstorming. Campus administration should not only be pointing out problems, but also creating ideas for solutions. Call on them to exercise those critical thinking skills that students are taught, and pitch their ideas. Eliminate fear of ridicule, as all innovators know that it takes a lot of bad ideas to reach a good one.
  4. Communicate consistently. Create an environment where regular communication is natural and comfortable. Fast Company is convinced that buy-in contributes to a great workplace culture, and we here at POPin couldn’t agree more. You could set up standing meetings and use a convenient, multi-device platform like POPin to keep the dialogue open.
Get schooled on buy-in. Your campus administration relies on a passionate team of individuals contributing their expertise to make the most informed decisions possible. POPin can help. POPin is a platform that organizes team feedback and ideas for leaders. It’s completely online and mobile, making it convenient for team members to use in their free moments, and leaders to see in real-time. Beat the bureaucracy with POPin, and see your university engage, innovate, and inspire.