The POPin Constellation Award recognizes exceptional collaborative and innovative leadership using POPin. We are delighted to announce that the November 2016 Constellation Honoree is Macerich CIO JP Jones. JP has been recognized for outstanding collaborative leadership, empowering his work force and using POPin to make decisions with buy in on his IT initiatives. Hear his story in the video below.

JP Jones receives the November 2016 POPin Constellation Award.

What is the Constellation Award?
POPin grants the Constellation Award once a month to an outstanding leader who uses POP. This individual is someone who is dedicated to finding the truth in their organization and leveraging their best assets- their employees- to uncover issues and crowdsolve problems. The award, which takes the form of a monthly video showcase, highlights how this leader uses POPin in their organization. This video will be featured on POPin properties, and will be a strong addition to the leader’s portfolio.
How to Qualify?
A member of the POPin Customer Success Team reviews and selects leaders for the Constellation Award. These leaders are high profile, charismatic individuals with success stories around innovative uses of POPin, awesome results, and fearless truth seeking. Once selected, our creative team will travel to the client’s location and spend 1-2 hours interviewing the leader on video, film the location, and present them the POPin Constellation Award.
Nominate a Constellation
Are you using POPin in an innovative way? We want to know all of the amazing stories of how you’re changing the way you lead, work, and interact with people using POPin. Nominate yourself or the leader in your organization for this prestigious award. Fill out the form below to be considered for an upcoming Constellation Award.