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Consumer Loyalty: Targeting the Fickle Millennial Generation

Millennials are a tricky, tricky bunch. They have short attention spans and are making moves the baby boomer generation never would for both better and for worse. What’s more? Only 18% of them even consider the stock market as a viable option as a good place for their money. The success of any business lies in creating a customer base that trusts their brand. So how do you get a generation that mistrusts everything to convert over to consumer loyalty? Businesses have to adapt to the needs of Millennials, or you’ll never benefit from one of the most important financial generations in America. With massive amounts of student debt and very short attention spans, Millennials aren’t going to buy into just anything. However, they aren’t completely un-targetable—you’ll just need some strategy and the ability to engage an otherwise unengaged audience. Here’s how: Be Smart Phone Savvy The good news: 85% of millennials own smart phones. Yes, this is a straight conduit into the heart of the millennial audience. When trying to target this audience it is absolutely essential to have a marketing campaign that is customized to and accessible with a smart phone. Millennials want things with a touch of a button. Does your brand or business offer services with one simple touch? Young people are accessing websites on a regular basis from their phones. How does your site look on a mobile phone or app? Adjust your marketing strategy so that it engages your audience and entices them to click (or buy) away. When searching for consumer loyalty, being able to reach your audience is the first step. Get Real, Get Consumer Loyalty Millennials can spot disingenuous, inauthentic brands and sites from a mile away. Your brand has to be one consumers trust. This will mean letting go of the hard sell option that worked on generations past. Millennials want to be informed. They also are more prone to buy based on customer reviews that are fantastic. They want other people to experience your brand first before they follow suit. Find what makes your brand real to build leverage with your audience. Swallow your pride and drop all of the schemes. If your brand has quality behind its name, it can be a success. Be Social Media Smart Do you really want to get your company into Millennials’ faces? Get on social media. With so many different social media platforms, it is important to choose the one that is best for your brand to gain consumer loyalty. Are you a beauty industry brand? Snapchat and Instagram will be best for you. Tech companies might find success on Twitter. Travel blogs and brands should dive into segmented videos on Instagram through Insta Story. There is so much to consider when choosing where to lay your material down. The key is making sure your social media campaign is tailored to your audience and the platform you are using. Instagram alone has 300 million users, so go where the people are. Go, Fight, Win Set goals and go swiftly after them. With a fantastic team, great leaders, and achievable goals you can make your business boom like never before. When you’re ready for guidance, solutions, and the ultimate plan to garner more revenue and boost your brand, use our incredible amount of resources today!