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Create a Culture of Success for Your Company

The best way to create or improve your company culture of success is to focus on people! Many companies nowadays are placing a much larger emphasis on its employees and their role in achieving success. We came across an interesting read on Inc.com by Laura Garnett that explained 5 helpful tips on effectively improving the company culture. Let’s dive into them, shall we?
  1. “Approach the workplace with a people-centered point of view.” If employees are happy and completely engaged, the customers will ultimately feel the effects. Basically, when your team is fully engaged, challenged to be the best version of themselves, they will work much more productively and successfully. The customers will definitely see a major difference in the way in which they are interacted with. By having that ‘people first’ mentality, you are showing your team that they matter and should be prioritized.
  2. “Conduct your own performance reviews.” Don’t just leave this for HR to do once or twice a year. It’s on you as the leader to be constantly updating and revitalizing your routines. By communicating with your employees, by finding out what they have to say, you are engaging them to stay on top of their game. They will want to perform to the best of their abilities because they have more of a buy in on the process. This is mostly because they know you actually care about their opinions and their own fulfillments. Ask important questions each week, such as: “Were you challenged this week? Were you bored and why? etc.”
  3. “Align your personal mission with the company’s mission.” Remind yourself what the company mission is. Take the time to write it out and align your own mission with the company’s goals and vision. Ask yourself about your own goals. What do you want to achieve? With the company? As an individual? How does your mission and your company’s mission work together? You want to foster that connection and figure out how you can impact the business in the long run. Create a culture of success by orienting your goals to the goals of the company as well. Your work and your team’s work will become so much more fulfilling if this is done.
  4. “Focus on projects that leverage your zone of genius.” This is just such a great tip, we wanted to share Garnett’s own words here. “When you are able to recognize your zone of genius (what challenges you and what fulfills you) and identify the right projects that optimally take advantage of your genius, you will not only experience more moments of peak performance but also be a great role model to others wanting to be more productive and happy at work.” Challenge yourself and your team to be the best possible versions of yourself. Inspire yourself to let the creative juices flow and prosper.
  5. “Encourage others to tap into their unique genius as well.” A great leader inspires their team. There’s a great quote that we really appreciate. Sam Walton said, “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” It’s the leader’s job to engage their team into being great, not to take credit for all the work. Encourage your employees to step into their own creative genius and really listen to their voices. It’s all about communication and learning to value each and every person’s individual genius.
These are just five simple steps to creating a culture of success within the company. Just five simple steps to completely and drastically improve your work. Teamwork matters. It’s about crowd solving and ensuring the success of the company through each of its employees.