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CrowdSolving: The Next Enterprise Trend

Connecting. Communicating. Brainstorming. Collaboration. Such great words aren’t they? And yes, we know they are tossed about like a fruitcake during December. But folks, we’re serious on this topic. We believe wholeheartedly that leveraging your best resources – your employees, partners and customers – when properly engaged, can elevate teams, leaders and companies. It’s not enough to tear down the office walls and meet in a shared workspace (though we can’t argue the benefits) and white board some ideas. That’s great, of course. But we’re talking about a revolutionary way of conducting your business in a way that truly engages (Hint: it’s your smartphone – think 6B smartphones worldwide by the year 2020). It’s having the need for REAL input or a REAL solution to a problem and using your smartphone to facilitate REAL dialog and REAL action. Yet it’s not just about brainstorming ideas, but about Crowdsolving. It’s not a fad, it’s not a trend, but a business imperative. Crowdsolving allows business leaders to gain a more thorough understanding of their impact on the people they interact with every day. It builds relationships and trust, and it creates an early warning system for the avoidance or mitigation of problems with vendors, customers and employees. So, how can you Crowdsolve with PoP? Here’s a quick 1-2-3 cheat sheet that will help get you started.
  1. Think Hard About Your Question How do we increase sales in Q1? Which of our products should be re-platformed? Where do we direct our development resources in order to grow our business? So, start with an open ended, relevant question (140 characters or less), get your smartphone ready and smile pretty. Yes, it’s that easy.
  1. Record Your 30 Second Selfie Video Selfies. Not just for tweens and reality stars. Selfie Videos are an integral (and dare we say status quo-crushing) component in your Crowdsolving process. It humanizes and connects leaders and their teams in way that quickly tears down barriers and levels playing fields. When you’re ready, simply include a brief introduction, state the question and address what you’ll do with the results. Not sure how to do the selfie part? We’ve got you covered. Just visit the Selfie Sensei.
  1. Provide User Emails Ok, what’s next? Easy. Just send your video, along with all your participant email addresses, to [email protected] the Monday before your launch. We will provide you with a launch template email and login link that you can forward to your audience. This will invite your users to your PoPin session. Then just sit back and watch what happens!