Crowdsource for True Organizational Alignment

Harness the voice of your organization

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Crowdsourcing Done Right

Uncover the truth from your employees

Leverage the power of your entire organization by providing an anonymous forum to safely harness the voice of your employees for the sake of building trust, providing clarity and developing buy-in.

Build Trust

Bridge the gap between employees and leadership

Those doing the work always know the truth of the matter. They just didn’t have a safe way to tell you until now. Show your employees that their voices are heard by taking action based on their feedback and you will develop a new level of trust.

Provide Clarity

Make sure your message is heard and understood

The difference between success and failure rests on how well your employees understand the corporate or departmental goals and strategy. Drive your team towards the same goal by ensuring they are clear on the objectives or tasks.

Drive Buy-in

Ensure success with the full support of your organization

A voice that feels heard leads to an engaged mind. Gain employees buy-in to your latest projects or initiatives by gathering actionable feedback to make your ideas everyone’s idea. Crowdsourcing uncovers the voice of the silent majority, drowning out the squeaky wheel.