SCL Health

$2.6 Billion Health Network Leverages POPin 

to Raise their Tier 2 Status to Tier 1 Status in Press Ganey Engagement Scores.

Customer Stories

$3 Million Program Recovered with POPin


Increased McKinsey Org Health Score by 8% in Six Months with POPin

Jacobs Engineering

Driving Post Rollout Adoption with POPin


15% Decrease in Call Center Volume by leveraging POPin

Sharp Healthcare

Buy-in Around Diversity & Inclusion Actions by leveraging POPin

Walden University

Increasing to Press Ganey Tier 1 Engagement with POPin

SCL Health

15% increase in student engagement in most classes with POPin

Large University

$400,000 saved annually from the use of POPin in Lean Events

Lutheran Health

Accelerated Buy-in of Digital Transformations with POPin

Western Asset Management

Increased Pulse Engagement Scores by  10% with POPin


Increased Productivity by 50% and Collaboration by 15% with POPin

International Restaurant

Saved $600,000 annually as a result of increased nurse retention with POPin


Hackathon Event Success and Engagement 

with POPin 


Change Management 

and Increased Team 

Trust with POPin

Sharp Healthcare

Increased Student Participation and Engagement with POPin

Clayton State

Improving Culture Across Disparate Teams 

with POPin


Innovation Challenge to Source Patient Improvement with POPin

SCL Health

Improving IT Customer Support with POPin


Increased Student Engagement and Tailored Lesson Plans with POPin

Clayton State University

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