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POPin Blog

Dealing With Social Noise In The Enterprise

Don’t you love blogs about blogs? Well, we wouldn’t normally blog about another blog, but this one was too good to ignore. Definitely take a few minutes and read “The Single Biggest Reason Most Entrepreneurs Fail and 5 Things You Should Do to Overcome It.” But aside from the insights, what captured our attention was this statement:
Distraction is the new illness of our generation of entrepreneurs. There is too much noise, too much information overload. If you don’t start controlling your environment, you are destined to FAIL.”
Social noise. Yep, we get it. But let’s put it into context by pointing out that every minute of every day there are:
  • 1.3M pieces of content shared on Facebook
  • 350K new tweets
  • 100 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube
  • 41K photos posted to Instagram
  • 14 gigabytes of data generated on Pinterest
For consumers and B2B customers this means that it can be extremely hard to find the exact information they seek from brands. For brands this means that it can be beyond tricky to get the right info into the right hands. For companies and their employees, it means that it’s almost impossible to separate background noise from meaningful discourse. It is impossible to avoid social noise, and for most companies and their employees, being a part of the conversation is essential to organic growth and long-term job satisfaction. But it is easy to get overwhelmed by the noise and end up screaming rather than chatting, or making small talk when it is time for serious discussion. Cutting through means identifying key company drivers, focusing on a single platform and then leveraging the information gathered to do more than just talk. So what can we do? Well, we do think that the first part of cutting out social noise is to create a narrow focus. Just like focusing on a single conversation in a busy room, think about tuning out other, less relevant social interactions to focus on what’s important. Of course, this kind of directed listening comes with risk: What if there is another conversation happening nearby that gets missed or misinterpreted? To avoid this problem, it is best to focus social efforts (at least at first) on a single channel. Because we have all these great avenues to communicate more effectively today, but for some reason, it’s often harder. This is really basic advice, but sadly, it often needs to be voiced. And this is where PoPin comes in. We’re able to help companies cut through that social noise with our powerful collaboration platform. It lets you collect suggestions and source solutions without the constraints of chaotic social feedback or overly directional surveys.