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Do You Suck as a Leader?

You all know how much we value strong leadership around here. We strive for it all the time. Of course, there are many different leadership styles—and it’s on you to find the right one for you and your team—but there are certain things that you can do to improve your leader game. Dov Baron wrote a list for Entrepreneur.com that we just had to share with you lovely readers. So here it is, folks, “10 Signs That You Suck As a Leader.”
  1. “Your attitude is ‘This is how we do things around here, and you can like it or leave.’” You’re a leader not a dictator, so make sure you are taking other people’s opinions into consideration. Create a space for open communication and collaboration and you will definitely see positive results.
  2. “You are busy being nice.” Look, at the end of the day, running a business is not a popularity contest. You should be pushing people to do their best, not letting everything slide just because you’re trying to be nice. That being said, don’t swing to the other side of the pendulum and be too much of a hard ass. Like all things, it’s a balance.
  3. “You micro-manage.” Do not—I repeat DO NOT—be a micro manager. No one thrives under this type of scrutiny. Collaboration and respect should be at the center of your team. Give your employees the space they need to thrive and not just survive doing things your way.
  4. “You are all about the numbers.” Yes, numbers and results are important. If you are only focusing on the bottom line, you are missing out on a lot of potential team building. Value your team as people, not just cogs in the machine.
  5. “You secretly, or not so secretly, dislike people.” You really shouldn’t dislike your employees. You hired them to do a job, but they should also fit in with the culture of your company. Leaders are genuinely interested in their team as the people they are. You shouldn’t hire people you think you can’t work with day to day.
  6. “You steal the light.” Come on, leaders, you should know this one by now. It’s not your team’s job to do all the work and your job to take all the credit. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. Great leaders serve their team. Hand over the spotlight and give credit where credit is due.
  7. “You lack empathy and compassion.” Generally speaking, empathy is the root of all things—at least it should be. Be an inspiration to others by coming from a place of compassion and empathy.
  8. “You lack self-knowledge.” Work on developing your own self-knowledge. When you can understand that in yourself, you can better lead others. Learn to trust yourself and your ability to lead by fully understanding who you are at your core.
  9. “Your people don’t trust you.” If your team doesn’t trust you, there’s a big problem there. Your team should trust you as a credible source and a reliable boss. Earn the respect and trust of your employees and they will deliver better results.
  10. “You keep your personal life a secret.” Nobody wants a boss/leader whom they know nothing about. Personal stories are a great way to bond as team members. It develops stronger relationships and thus increases their desire to work hard.
Don’t be threatened or scared off by the title of this list. These ten things are simply guidelines for a better leader/team member relationship. If you work to actively achieve these things, you will definitely see an improvement overall.