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POPin Blog

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Maximize Your Crowdsolving Potential

Most people have never run a crowd-solving session before, so they are understandably curious about the whole process and how it works. Fear not, we have developed a simple system to guide newcomers on the POP platform – including our dedicated support staff that is always here to assist POPin moderators. Here are a few simple pointers to help make the most of your POPin experience. Remember that practice makes perfect, so you are bound to improve as a session moderator over time. The main thing is to dive in and get started solving those stubborn business problems which are creating roadblocks on your group’s path to success.  
  1. Start with a Killer Invitation Video: There are many ways to invite members of a group to participate in a POPin session, including sending out standard emails or phone calls. However, we have found that sending a lively video invitation is much more likely to generate interest from people who aren’t expecting to see you perform as a video host. Sometimes these invitations can include silly animated cartoon clips, or they might involve Hollywood themes such as teaming up to solve a detective caper or a sci-fi adventure. The options are limitless, but your video doesn’t have to be overly complicated either – just the fact that you make a video at all is likely to catch people’s attention and draw them in. As an added assist, our latest version of POPin now includes customizable templates to help you make the perfect 30-second selfie video.
  2. Promise to Enact the Group’s Priorities: Too often, people on the front lines of business don’t feel their voices are being heard by the management leadership. This situation can lead to low morale and staff friction, jeopardizing group unity and splintering alignment. Whenever you launch a POPin session, always be sure to emphasize that the group will be voting on shared priorities that will then be enacted by the whole team. This a powerful way to galvanize support from the troops who are glad to know that their voices are finally being heard and appreciated.
  3. Share the Results Widely and Often: Once you have taken the pulse of the group, it’s important to give them the straight dope about what you’ve found out. Otherwise, it will feel like top-down leadership is still controlling the process, rather than collaborating. POPin makes it easy to share session results through dashboard summaries that list the top solutions in an easy-to-read format, such as a “Top 10 Priorities” table.
  4. Have Fun With It: One reason why POPin sessions are so successful (apart from giving people an authentic voice) involves the playful nature of the whole process. That’s why video invitations are so compelling, because they are so spirited and different. Also, people can vote right on their mobile devices while they’re out and about, resulting in greater freedom. And users can remain anonymous, giving them greater freedom to explore the root causes of problems without a fear of retaliation or pushback. After all, the mission of POPin is to restore organizational health and put groups back on track when they’ve veered into some kind of trouble. Think of POPin as a fun and engaging platform for turning any kind of failure into a valuable new opportunity for success.