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Effective Business Communication: Why Your Company Needs It

Poor business communication can lead to higher operating costs, a lack of innovation, and low employee satisfaction. A recent article by the Society for Human Resource Management showed that miscommunication in the workplace leads to revenue losses of roughly $420,000 every year for small businesses. In this post, we’ll explain why you need effective business communication in your office.

Expectations Will Be Clear

In today’s workplace, many employees aren’t certain what their bosses — and coworkers — expect of them. Good business communication makes it easy for your employees to know exactly what you need them to do, preventing crossed wires that lead to low morale and missed deadlines. To make sure your expectations are realistic, make sure you meet with your employees regularly. Give them the opportunity to let you know what’s working, what needs more attention, and what can be done to make things easier for them. Not only will these check-ins make things run much more smoothly in your office. They will also help your employees to feel valued, increasing their job satisfaction.

Client Satisfaction Will Rise

Of course, effective business communication doesn’t just benefit your office’s workflow. It can also directly influence your customer satisfaction. After all, no customer wants to deal with delayed or incorrect orders because of a miscommunication on your end. Effective communication ensures that your employees are certain of exactly what a client wants and needs — and that the timeline you have to work with is clear. Good communication with clients means keeping them informed of a project’s progress, results, and staying on hand to answer any questions that come up.

Relationships With Vendors Will Improve

One way to ruin your relationship with your vendors? Over-ordering supplies, frequently making them deal with returns, demanding rush jobs, or not being clear about exactly what you need. Communicating with your employees about sales figures, product popularity, current stock, and more helps you to clearly communicate with your suppliers. If you can prove to them you’re a company that’s on the ball and easy to work with, then you’ll notice them giving you extra attention.

How Can You Increase Effective Business Communication?

Now that you’re more aware of the importance of effective business communication, it’s time to start thinking about the concrete steps you can take to improve your own. That’s where we come in. You might not know where the gaps in communication in your office are. You might not even be aware that there are any at all. Try our open-ended, anonymous surveys to help you identify the areas in your office that need improving. Get more out of your meetings, boost your employee’s morale, and learn how to strengthen your management style. Be sure to check out our blog for actionable tips on how to streamline your business and improve communication between your employees and your clients. Ready to start making your business better? Reach out to us, and set up your account to get started.