Engagement 2.0 = working to a specific goal

Engagement 1.0 = Just working

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Alignment = Engagement 2.0

Working towards a common goal is required

Too much has been written on how to develop and measure employee engagement, but not enough on aligning that engagement toward the specific goals of the team or organization. What is needed today is a way to direct engagement to more than just a “check the box” mentality. What is needed today is alignment.

POPin Fosters Buy-in

Uncover ways to improve from the frontlines

When employees feel safe to share ideas for improvement and see their leaders act upon the group’s input, then true alignment is accomplished. Successful leaders recognize that it is always easier to win with “our idea” instead of “my idea”. POPin gives leaders the platform for candid conversations with 100s or even 1,000s.

Spotting Organizational Trends

POPin dashboards highlight success

POPin dashboards will give individual leaders insight into their own success while enterprise dashboards will give management a view across the entire organization.