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Employee Questions: Why They Need to Feel They Can Ask

Fear. Micromanagement. Endless bonus programs. Many employers mistake these as the secrets to an outstanding workforce. Nothing could be further from the truth. When dealing with employee questions and concerns, it’s important to create a positive environment. This fosters professional and friendly relationships between employees and management. To learn what you can do to create this ideal workplace, read on and discover.

Provide Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is a form of management that most employees respond to with overwhelming success. Servant leadership puts others first. The needs of your employees, their requests, and how their workday could result in increased productivity by simple changes are how you would serve them as this type of leader. Employee questions are encouraged in such an environment. This is one way to change your workplace for the better.

Offer an Uplifting Atmosphere

A positive atmosphere makes all the difference to employees. A dingey office with bad lighting and no stimulation creates a place no one wants to work in. Offer employees a peaceful and serene environment. Have the following in your office to improve how it looks: Although these are small factors in how your workplace looks, the results speak for themselves. Your employees won’t dread coming in to work. Instead, the office transforms into a place that makes accomplishing work easy.

Make Answers to Employee Questions Simple

One of the key points to effective leadership is helping employees find answers to common workplace questions. Sometimes these are difficult for employees to ask. Among the reasons they hesitate to ask are:
  • You are busy
  • They are busy
  • They don’t want to appear foolish
Make it easy to find the answer to employee questions, by offering them guidance in an employee handbook. This should address various matters, both common and uncommon, that pop in during one’s employment. Instances include:
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Time off for family-related issues
  • Polices on workplace procedures
This fosters an environment of understanding. Employees quickly find the answers they’re looking for. Encourage employees to speak with you or another superior if there is anything they are still unclear about.

Offer Praise

Many employers are hesitant to give out praise. Some incorrectly believe employees develop big heads or an undesirable attitude if praise is given often. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Praise helps employees understand when they have done something correctly. This means in their future efforts, they work hard to create results worthy of praise. Studies show that a happy workplace is the most productive. Workers don’t call in sick as often, stick around the company for a longer period of time, and create a positive reputation for the business.

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Keeping your workplace a positive and happy environment isn’t easy. We can help you find ways to improve everything about your workplace, including providing answers to employee questions. Check out our blog, and find advice on everything, from improving efficiency and organizing company meetings.