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POPin Blog

Employee Updates: Why Keep Them In The Know

Are you looking for a way to maximize your employee productivity levels? Boosting your business efficiency and optimizing your team environment can be difficult. But you don’t need to fork over loads of investments to make either happen. Giving your employees regular updates about what’s going on in the company can actually transform the work environment into a collaborative and productive space. Read on to learn more about why you should give employee updates regularly.

1. Show Your Company’s Transparency

Employees want to know that their boss shares their values. As a company, you probably already have a mission statement that sums up these shared values. One of the best values a company can have is transparency. A business grounded in honesty rather than secrecy will gain respect and authority from its customers as well as its workers. By giving your employees regular updates about what’s going on, you’re championing your value of transparency. Additionally, you’ll set an example for transparent communication across all levels of staff.

2. Empower Your Employees

Empowerment is a critical component of success, in and out of the working world. As a business leader, it’s important to foster a sense of empowerment in your workforce to boost production levels and encourage collaboration. Employee updates let employees know that they are worthy of hearing important information. The fact that they are hearing it directly from the boss will empower your workers further by bringing them to your level.

3. Boost Low Morale

Morale is a critical component of employee productivity. Low employee morale can occur for a variety of reasons and inhibit workflow. Keeping your employees in the know will ensure that there are no surprises. Employees will know exactly where you’re at in certain trajectories and how the company is doing as a whole. No surprises means higher confidence in your staff, which leads to higher morale.

4. Encourage Communication

Update your employees on company changes to set a standard of constant and clear communication. Deliver updates that are concise and understandable, and encourage employees to ask any questions they may have. Creating a communicative workspace will ensure that things happen faster.

5. Avoid Silence and Misunderstandings

Knowledge really is power, and it can help a business go far. When employees aren’t updated regularly, they’re missing out on important knowledge. This can create a feeling of exclusion and lead to silences and misunderstandings. Give your employees the gift of knowledge. Create workspace of understanding and trust.

Employee Updates: Keeping Employees In the Know

Your employees enable your company’s success, and their morale can play a large role in how productive your business is overall. Updating your employees on key developments and facts can indicate your values of transparency and communication. It can also boost low levels of morale and empower your teams. This will foster healthy and consistent communication and alleviate compromising silences. The POPin platform gives leaders, bosses, and team builders the resources they need to ask questions and get answers about what’s going on in their companies. Crowdsource questions about team management and efficiency and get real advice on how to resolve hotspots. Download the app today!