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Employee Wellbeing: How Happiness Boosts Productivity

How they’re treated in the work place is also crucial for their performance. And their personal happiness can influence the quality of interactions they have in the office. There’s a simple solution to this problem: employers should pay more attention to the well-being of their workers. A motivated, appreciated, and driven employee will work harder to meet your company’s long-term goals. In a study by the Social Market Foundation, workers were offered complimentary snacks and drinks or were played a short comedy clip at work. As a result, they showed increased productivity by 12%. Keep reading to see how to boost employee wellbeing in your company and keep your workers happy.

How Can Employee Wellbeing Boost Productivity

Engage Your Employees Increasing productivity in your employees is no longer just salary-related. Your employees are human beings and should be treated with respect and dignity. Communication goes a very long way in making your employees happier. And we don’t mean water-cooler chit-chat (though sometimes small talk is also needed). Engaging with your employees daily is more than just assigning their weekly tasks. So, get to know your colleagues on a more personal level. Ask them about their lives and see what they think about the new projects. Give them feedback on their work and see if you can help them grow professionally. Praise the best-performing employees regularly. But at the same time, work with the underperformers to find out the reasons behind their behavior. Then, work on a solution together. It’s all about effective communication, but still maintaining a good boss-employee relationship. Let Your Employees Work Remotely In today’s dynamic digital era, most of the tasks can be done remotely. Offering this perk to your employees at least once a week can contribute greatly to their happiness and productivity. This flexibility will increase employee wellbeing and give them more time to recharge. It’s how you show them you trust them with the work being completed on time and with great results. Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance Besides remote work, you can also boost their productivity by encouraging a healthy work-life balance. For example, not having to answer emails when the work day is over. Or letting them have a few effective breaks throughout the day. These things will help them unwind and start the next day refreshed and well-rested. Another option is to reward your best workers with extra vacation days or wellness packages outside of work. Conclusion To keep your workers happy and productive, you should come up with fresh ideas on employee wellbeing. You should learn how to motivate them effectively without being overly controlling. If they see that you care, they’ll show quick improvements. If you appreciate your employees more, they’ll perform better and will love coming to work every morning. POPin can help you gain honest insight from your team members and find appropriate solutions, so contact us today to get started!