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How Engagement and Productivity Are Connected

Did you know that over 70% of the American workforce isn’t satisfied with their current job? What about the fact that only about three hours out of every workday is actually spent on real work? Think these two statistics aren’t connected? Think again. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about engagement and productivity — and how you can boost both at your workplace.

The Link Between Engagement and Productivity

You’ve heard the age-old expression, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” The same phrase easily applies to the workplace. Even if you don’t always love your job, if you like the challenges it provides, your overall work environment, and your management, you’re simply going to want to work harder at it. You’ll also be motivated to create and stick to your own schedule and sales goals. Very few people in the world want to go to a job every day where they feel unchallenged and under-appreciated. They want to work at a place with effective communication, where other employees are engaged, and where their ideas are listened to. But one unengaged, unhappy employee can quickly infect the rest of your office — killing your productivity levels and, before long, your profits. When was the last time you asked your employees how they feel their skill sets are being put to the test? What about asking them where they see themselves with the company in a few years? Have you asked them about providing them with ongoing training and certifications? If you can’t remember, you’re already in trouble.

Do Your Employees Feel Valued?

What’s another reason why so many employees are unproductive and disengaged at work? Often times they don’t feel as though their skill set — and even who they are as people — matters to management. They may spend hours working on an important project, only to see someone else take all the credit for it later. They may struggle with the idea of staying late, knowing that no one will take notice and thank them for the extra effort. Many workers also report feeling as though there is no real “room to grow” in their place of work. Without the incentive to work harder for a bigger paycheck or a higher title, it’s easy to understand how quickly some employees get burned out. As a boss/manager, it’s your job to take the time to recognize your team’s skill sets and to consistently ask for their feedback. It’s also your job to ensure them that their hard work will eventually be rewarded with a promotion or a pay raise.

So, What Can You Do?

It’s time for one last reality check. Even if you think that engagement and productivity levels in your office are high, the truth is that there are probably quite a few employees who feel stagnant, bored or even outright irritated by the office environment. It’s up to you to get ahead of the situation by working with our team at POPin. We create surveys that help you understand what’s going right and wrong. We also take the office temperature and crowdsource new ideas. In short, we can help to increase both engagement and productivity in your workplace. Reach out to us to get startedon creating a happier, better workplace — for everyone!