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Feedback: More Than a Suggestion Box

If you want to get better as a company, it’s imperative that you remain unafraid of feedback. Opening yourself up to open and honest feedback helps you to make the decisions that will secure your company’s future. However, this doesn’t mean you need to rely on old-school methods like the suggestion box. Today, there’s a feedback app that gives people in your company the opportunity to truly speak their mind. Below we’ll take a look at these apps to show why they’re worthwhile when it comes to revolutionizing your company.

A Feedback App Empowers Employees To Speak Their Mind

Any company that shuns, discourages, or disallows open and honest feedback is a company that doesn’t have much of a future. The feedback app gives you the chance to receive the rawest and most honest feedback since every piece of information is anonymous. Many companies take in feedback as a formality, without creating a safe space for employees to speak on how they actually feel. As a result, people generally don’t feel comfortable being honest, rendering any feedback they give completely useless. Since the app offers full anonymity, you’ll take in information that you can actually use.

Your Meetings Will Be More Effective

We’ve all sat in unproductive meetings. These meetings can be the most frustrating part of working in an office setting since a lot is said, but not a lot is done. This usually happens when meetings don’t have an aim or objective but are regularly scheduled. This is no small issue since wasteful meetings cost American businesses upwards of approximately $40 billion each and every year. When you use an anonymous feedback app, it’s easier for you to get feedback on your meetings. This way, you’ll learn what can be fixed to streamline the process and make communication more productive.

You Can Uncover And Work On Your Flaws

The problem with many businesses is that they look to spin or cover up their red flags, rather than address them. By addressing them, you’ll have the chance to meet issues head-on and make appropriate changes. These changes could lead to company initiatives or even the creation of new positions. Presenting problems that need to be solved also allows potential leaders to emerge, making room for growth and promotion opportunities.

The App Stores Data That You Can Build On

The benefit of using a feedback app is that you’re not just getting predictable answers to survey questions. Instead, the app rides the latest wave of people analytics, which is valuable in improving company morale and effectiveness. Also, unlike a traditional suggestion box, the app draws in data that lasts forever, allowing you to use it productively now and in the future.

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Now that you see why feedback apps are so incredibly useful, you’ll want to reach out to POPin to learn more. You’ll love having access to the beautiful interface and dashboard, which are easy to navigate as you take in feedback. To learn more, contact our company today.