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Feedback in Townhall Can Improve Employee Retention

The average person will switch jobs between 10-15 times over the course of their professional career. However, today’s employers are especially concerned about the prospect of millennial “job hopping.” But if you ask those millennials why they switch jobs so often, most will say it’s because they don’t see a pay raise or promotion in sight. This scenario alone proves that often, there is a huge gap in an employer’s and employee’s understanding of one another. Still, we know that constantly interviewing new hires can be exhausting, time-consuming, and can lower your profits. Townhall feedback can help you to improve employee retention. Read on to learn why. You Hear from New Voices In every office, there’s always a few people who have no problem speaking up. While they may advocate for their own opinions and ideas often, you sometimes wonder if other people are really on the same page as they are. You also wonder if they feel too intimidated to share their own ideas because of the dominating voices in the room. Townhall feedback helps to ensure that no matter what, everyone’s voice is heard equally. Plus, you’ll likely uncover some dynamic and effective solutions you never would have heard otherwise. You Get Honest Answers What if your management style was rubbing everyone the wrong way, costing your employees productivity time, and bringing down office morale? Chances are, it would be next-to-impossible to get your employees to tell you to your face. But the anonymity of our Townhall feedback helps to ensure that everyone shares this valuable information — without having to feel like their head is on the chopping block because of their opinion. Plus, you’ll likely find that, because you’re so receptive to feedback, these criticisms and honest opinions about how time is spent and managed throughout the day will be much more constructive than you expected. You Have a Clear Plan for Improvement First of all, taking employee feedback into consideration will help employees to feel that their opinions are valued. This makes them a lot more likely to stick around. It also provides you, as an employer, with a clear roadmap for success in the future. Once you know what’s broken, you can also rely on your employees to let you know their suggestions for fixing it. As a boss or HR worker, you can’t be everywhere at once. Through Townhall feedback, your employees can help you to both identify and solve problems you likely wouldn’t have found out about on your own. Improve Employee Retention with Townhall Feedback As a leader, it can be tough to know what your team is really thinking. Townhall feedback makes it a lot easier. Of course, that’s not the only way to get valuable information from your employees about how to improve your company’s workflow. To get your Townhall feedback session started, click here. To learn more about the many different ways POPin can help you to improve employee retention, boost your leadership skills, and measure employee engagement, check out our array of solutions and services.