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Flatten your Organization for Business Success

The standard management structure in organizations is a hierarchy that few companies can get around. Someone has to be in charge, and the company needs to have management throughout to keep operations running smoothly and employees engaged. This structure, while necessary, also presents a challenge for the business. Management knows WHAT needs to be done for success, but the employees in the trenches doing the work know HOW things should be done. These two groups don’t typically communicate in the traditional hierarchy, and as a result there is a significant gap between management and employees. This gap is why corporate initiatives fail. Employees don’t have the chance to candidly converse with executives, and vice versa. They key to overcoming this challenge is to flatten the hierarchy. Sounds impossible, right? We’re not suggesting you completely uproot your management structure. The solution is far simpler than that. You just need to create access between your executives and the teams throughout your organization in order to discover any confusion or problems. Once you have a better idea of the issues that exist, you can tackle them with a strategy that accommodates both your requirements and the input from the teams actually doing the work. Bridging the gap between management and employees is not easy, however. Access needs to be created between these two groups, and in a way that gives everyone the security to talk candidly. Statistics show that only 3 out of 10 employees are brave enough to share their true feelings with executives. So 70% of your people won’t actually fess up if they think your ideas aren’t going to work. What a terrifying statistic! At POPin, our goal is to completely eliminate the fear from those 7 out of 10 employees. When individuals feel safe and empowered, they will give you their honest feedback. And that honest feedback is what bridges that gap and flattens your organization. It may not take away the hierarchy of management, but it takes away the hierarchy of communication and lets you uncover the group’s consensus. Learn more about how you can flatten your organization and implement skip-level management to source answers to your company’s concerns.