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Getting Personal

We do love our coffee. Steamed, iced or frapped, we’re hooked. So suffice it to say that our Starbucks addiction has probably funded the college education of Howard’s three kids. And now we might be paying for grad school too. Starbucks raised their coffee prices earlier this month with the increases ranging from 5 to 20 cents for most affected drinks (this is in addition to price increases last year). But, honestly, did you notice? We didn’t. We happily handed over our Starbucks Gold just like usual. Yet in the midst of the transaction, our barista stopped us and said this, “We are so sorry, Mr X, but we did raise our prices recently. We really do apologize for that and hope this isn’t a problem for you.” Yeah, wow, sure ok. It was only minutes later as we were racing back to the car that the weight of this hit us. No, not the 10¢ price increase on our Americano. No, what stopped us in our tracks was how this $12 an hour barista made it personal. He looked us in the eye, said our name and made a real connection while delivering the not-so-good news. Maybe it’s a testament to the Starbuck’s model or maybe this guy was just really nice. But we were impressed enough to wonder, is there a way to communicate and collaborate in a personal way that actually scales? 
  1. The Bull Horn – Full Volume

This is how it’s usually done, whether it’s to an external customer audience, or internal employee base. Scalable? Of course. Personal? Of course not. But the information does get disseminated and people are in the know. But it’s one sided and communication generally stops where it starts.

  1. The Bull Horn – Low Volume

The announcement gets a little more personal, with email updates, video announcements, or even conference calls/webinars. Sometimes a monthly “state of the company” address from the CEO makes a broad and growing team feel included and involved. Unfortunately, it seems that much of the time internal communications are far too much output and not nearly enough input.

  1. The 1:1 Conversation With PoPin

Too often input from employees can get inadvertently filtered through layers of management before it gets to those at the top. With PoPin, conversations can be contained, curated and controlled across your employees, business partners or even customers in order to maximize engagement and the feeling of contribution. It’s personal, it’s scalable and it’s collaborative.